Enhance the safety of your child with the right approach

Every parent either new or experienced, does not want to compromise with the health of their children. In today’s modern era due to various reasons such as pollution, contamination of food, poor lifestyle, etc. children are becoming vulnerable to various life-threatening diseases. But a simple, safe and convenient Infant and child vaccines (วัคซีนเด็ก which is the term in thai) can protect them from wide range of diseases such as measles, mumps, and whooping cough, diphtheria., tetanus, poliomyelitis (polio), rubella, Haemophilus influenzae type b infections, etc. and make their future healthy and happy. Hence never miss the routine vaccination of your child and protect him/her from getting infected and spreading infections to their nearer and dearer ones such as family members, friends, siblings and grandparents.

Stay informed

Different vaccinations are scheduled as per the age of the child hence it is crucial keep the record of the vaccinations so that you can easily find out which has been already given, or missed and also can schedule the next one and also can make up the missed vaccination as per your convenience before the right age. Read the relevant information related to child’s vaccination in reliable online healthcare platforms such as Honestdoc and ask the doctor any question via the same platform. You can also book your child’s vaccination in reputable hospital or clinic through this platform. But ensure that the vaccinations are complying with the Ministry of Public Health, Bureau of General Communicable Disease and Department of Disease Control.

Choose the easy one

Many children around the globe avoid vaccination because of the fear of pain, redness or tenderness at the site of injection but nowadays there are many other ways to vaccinate such as Microinjector vaccines, Nasal-spray vaccines, Skin-injector vaccines, Microneedle-patch vaccines, Inhalant vaccines, oral drops, etc. Choose an experienced doctor who knows how to ease the child while vaccinating. Vaccine-preventable diseases will not only prevent your child from diseases but also will create better future for next generation.