When Do You Need to See a Foot Doctor?

We are always on our feet and walk miles in a day. Feet, ankles, and legs bear our bodyweight most of the time. That’s why they tend to feel tired and start aching. There are several medical conditions related to this part of the body, and you need to consider Maryville, IL podiatrists, so that you can carry out daily activities in a better manner. You should know whom to contact if you face foot pain, discomfort, and wounds. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Who are podiatrists?

A foot doctor is also known as a podiatrist who specializes in treating foot-related problems. They can treat the problems associated with feet, ankles, and lower legs, such as foot pain, bunions, corns, injuries, sports injuries, and conditions arising from diabetes. They can perform lab tests and X-rays, reset the bone, do surgery, and prescribe drugs. They have studied bones, muscles, and nerves in this part of the body. They are also well-versed with medical complications that give rise to foot-related problems. 

What are the reasons for seeing a podiatrist?

Foot pain may be a common problem that goes away after taking care of the feet with home remedies. However, you should see a podiatrist in the following cases:

  • Foot pain– we all know that our feet ache when we walk a long distance or stand for several hours. However, if the foot pain is persistent, you should see a foot doctor. He will find out the root cause of the problem and offer suitable treatment.
  • Skin problems around feet- In many cases, you may encounter skin-related problems around your toes and fingers. It may be due to the fungal infection in the feet. If you are facing this problem, you should get in touch with a foot doctor immediately.
  • Fractures and injuries- If you have met with an accident or have a sprain, you must get in touch with a foot doctor. He can suggest the best ointments, gels, and medicines. If you have a fracture in the ankle, feet, or lower leg, getting in touch with a foot massage can help you get immediate relief.
  • Discolored or thick nails- In case your nails have turned blue or changed their color, you must see a podiatrist. He can analyze the root cause and offer the best solution.

You should never ignore any foot-related issue and get the treatment on time.