What not to do after Botox injections?

The desire to look young and fresh is always been highly pursued by everyone. Fortunately, with the advancement of medical research, things have shifted from invasive cosmetic surgeries to injectable cosmetic treatment, Botox. Cosmetics field have improved positively. So does Botox treatment in Malaysia. There are various misconceptions regarding this treatment but these have been explained clearly to a population that Botox, at low dose may lead to the significant treatment of numerous therapeutic applications.

As one of the most prominent treatment to fight the effects of ageing, Botox is proven to be highly effective. Nevertheless, this cosmetic treatment needs to be done with caution as there is a caveat. It has to be administered by a licensed surgeon properly. Patients should also know that they play an important role to make sure everything settles as intended apart from skilful plastic surgeons. 

Indeed, patients may affect the outcome of the botox treatment for the worse, hence it is crucial to know what not to do after the treatment. Here are some things one should avoid after the botox procedure:

No touching

It is recommended that patients should be refrained from touching their faces. This should be done up to 24 hours post-procedure. We understand that sometimes patients are very curious about the injected area. However, things can be messed up if there is continuous touching over the injection area as this will interfere with the area, and in worst-case-scenario, it might move to another part of the face. Since Botox prevents facial muscles from sagging and to reduce wrinkles, the doctor in charge will administer the treatment carefully to give a desirable result. The last thing that the patient would want is for the treatment to affect the wrong areas of the face. So, patients are advised to keep their hands away from touching the facial muscle. 

Wrong sleeping position

Since the procedure is done upright, patients should keep their position up to 4 hours or more until the treatment settles in. Avoid laying down for at least 4 hours or more if there is no compelling reason to lie down. Things will be extremely difficult for stomach sleepers or side-sleepers as the correct sleeping position post-treatment is by sleeping on the back. This is especially important to prevent pressing the face all over the pillow as this will yield a bad outcome. 

Avoid Alcohol and Painkillers

Alcohol and painkillers both can lead to blood-thinning results. They can exacerbate bruisings from injection side as this is a common complication post-treatment. The least that we want to do is to ruin the results with bruising all over the face. So, avoid these two for a few days could give no harm! 

Avoid Physical Activity

For the same reason as alcohol and painkillers, physical activity that could lead to face fall increases the risk of bruising. Again, facial impact and bruising from falling do not play well with botox at all. 

Thus, both patient and doctor have to work together to achieve good results. It is better to be safe than sorry! These steps are vital to take into consideration as the last thing that we would want to achieve is Botox with a bad outcome.