What Does Vascular Care Entail?

Your vascular health matters. Small things like regular exercise, avoiding high cholesterol diets, and quitting smoking make your blood vessels happy. When your blood vessels are healthy, they improve circulation, saving you from many problems. Taking care of your feet also promotes your vascular health. Maintaining a healthy weight is critical as well. The Yonkers vascular center offers comprehensive vascular care to address all vascular issues and boost your health. This blog post highlights what vascular care is all about.

Varicose veins

Varicose veins are the enlarged veins visible under your skin surface. Usually, they are undesirable, which makes them more of a cosmetic concern. However, varicose veins might also indicate an underlying medical condition.

Usually, varicose veins interfere with the blood flow, which may cause complications when not treated.

Varicose veins develop when a valve in your vein malfunctions allowing blood to flow backward. The valves are present in your leg veins. When they get damaged, they become faulty to support blood flow, causing blood to flow back and accumulate in the veins.

Standing or sitting for extended periods, obesity, lack of physical exercise, and smoking increase your risk of varicose veins. Varicose veins may also result from pregnancy and hormonal changes during menopause.

Premier Vascular’s team offers various varicose veins treatments, such as sclerotherapy, venaSeal, ClosureFast, and endovenous microfoam ablation.

Diabetic foot pain

If you have diabetes, you are likely to experience foot pain. The pain develops when you have a peripheral arterial disease and peripheral neuropathy.

Peripheral neuropathy occurs when you do not get proper diabetic care, allowing the high blood sugar levels to destroy the nerves in the feet. It may lead to numbness, tingling sensations, and pain.

Peripheral arterial disease occurs when cholesterol builds up in your leg veins. When the accumulation becomes more extensive, it may block your blood flow, preventing the nutrients and oxygen from reaching your body.

The Premier Vascular team offers various techniques to manage your blood sugar and treat diabetic foot pain. The treatments include wound debridement, infection control, limb salvage surgery, advanced dressings, endovascular procedures, and limb reconstruction. Your provider takes every caution to save your foot from amputation.

Wound care

Wounds may result from various things, including injuries or medical conditions. But you may develop damage if you have a vascular problem restricting the blood flow in the legs and feet.

Wound care is essential to promote healing and prevent the wound from enlarging or developing an infection. Your provider at Premier Vascular offers comprehensive wound care to support wound healing.

Wound care may involve wound cleaning and debridement, antibiotic therapy, advanced dressings, compression therapy, and total contact casting.

Treatments for the underlying conditions are also part of wound care.

The most common vascular problems include varicose veins, peripheral artery disease, non-healing wounds, and diabetic foot pain. Vascular health improves circulation within your blood vessels preventing these issues.

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