What are the benefits of Mohs surgery?

Cancer has been set to be the most fatal disease that can not only destroy the life of the patient but also their entire family. From the detection to the treatment, the whole process is very overwhelming and hard. However, modern medical technology has been working hard to find more and more cures for cancer. The main cause of cancer is the cancerous cells that are present in the body. They keep multiplying and affect an area. There is a treatment called Mohs surgery. If you are contemplating over the fact, whether you should go for the surgery or not, here are a few benefits of mohs surgery san antonio. 

Highest cure rate

With more surgery, it has been observed that it is a process to find a cure for cancer that is most accurate. The melanoma cancer cells in the skin are destroyed, and the further spread is eliminated. 

Cost-effective process

Mohs surgery is an outpatient process that doesn’t need hospitalization. It means that you will not have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars in getting admitted to a hospital. This surgery is performed in the clinics within a sitting or two. Given the accuracy rate, this treatment is quite cheap and affordable. Furthermore, people who have opted for this surgery have experienced a low recurrence rate.

Fewer scars

The surgery involves removing the cancerous tissues in little sections. They ensure that a minimal amount of tissues are removed so that there is no deep scarring. It is kind of a cosmetic procedure that will give you low to no scarring at all.

Lowest recurrence rate

As mentioned above, the people who have opted for Mohs surgery have experienced a low rate of recurrence.


The term comfortable doesn’t imply that it is going to be like a spa day. But if you have been admitted to the hospital and under general anesthesia, you will know how hard it is to get the surgery done. On the other hand, Mohs surgery is done using local anesthesia. It is a half an hour to 1-hour procedure and will not require you to take any further preparations like staying in the hospital or looking for a professional to provide you with aid. 


It is a minor surgery done under the supervision of an experienced dermatologist. You will be able to cure the most dangerous disease in the world by allotting a slot of 30 to 45 minutes. If you are suffering from this diabolical disease, Mohs surgery can be your life-saving angel.