Understanding various natural ways of relieving arthritis pain

Usually, there is no specific cure for arthritis. And the only treatment options available help manage the condition. Generally, the main focus of arthritis therapy is on symptomatic relief and reducing further damage to the joint and the formation of deformities. It also helps maintain the physical function of your joints and slow the disease’s progress. Usually, there are various types of arthritis, and each type can be managed using various methods to provide relief and comfort. Among those methods are medications, surgery, injections, or lifestyle changes. Other than these treatments, various natural ways can help alleviate arthritis pain. Therefore, if you are experiencing arthritis Dundalk pain and seeking relief, there are specialists next door to provide a solution to your problem. The specialists encourage you to seek their advice before trying any remedy that provides relief. Below are a few natural ways of alleviating arthritis pain.

What are some examples of natural ways of alleviating arthritis pain?

·         Managing your weight

Excess weight can greatly impact the extent of your symptoms because it exerts pressure on your joints, especially the hips, knees, or feet. Most care providers encourage you to lose excess weight, mostly when you are obese and still got osteoarthritis. The role of your caregiver, in this case, is to help you create a weight loss program or plan to help you reach your target. Losing excess weight that stresses your joints includes reducing pain, improving mobility, and preventing further joint damage.

·         Do enough exercises

Exercises are essential when you have arthritis because they keep your joints flexible, reduce excess weight, and strengthen the joints’ muscles. Your care provider recommends you participate in exercises directed or controlled by a trainer. Commonly recommended exercises include low-impact exercises like water activities, walking, tai chi, swimming, or cycling.

·         Cold and hot therapy

Cold or hot treatment aims to help alleviate inflammation and pain. Examples of hot treatments include warm baths or showers early in the morning to reduce joint stiffness. Similarly, a moist heating pad or an electric kettle can effectively relieve discomfort during the night. Using cold treatments is to reduce joint swelling, joint pain, and inflammation. Usually, you should wrap an ice pack in a towel around the affected joints for relief. Of importance to note is that you should never apply ice directly on your skin.

·         Get a massage

A massage promotes your overall health and well-being, but it also helps alleviate any discomfort and joint pain. The reason for recommending a massage is to help your body relax and provide indirect benefits like stress reduction, which helps you adhere to instructions given without distractions.

·         Acupuncture

It is a treatment option involving tiny needles inserted into affected joints. Doing so helps restore body balance and reroute energies in your body. A qualified acupuncturist can help relieve arthritis pain and promote comfort.

Arthritis is a common condition and causes destructive symptoms like joint pain, inflammation, or swelling. And if you are experiencing arthritis symptoms, you are encouraged to seek medical help before severe complications arise. Therefore, if you seek treatment for arthritis, you can start by calling Choice Pain & Rehabilitation Center today.