Top Myths Concerning In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Treatment

Infertility is one of the leading health concerns affecting millions of people worldwide. It occurs when you fail to achieve pregnancy after one year of regular unprotected sexual intercourse. You might wonder how common this health issue is. Well, at least one in every six people encounters fertility issues in their lifetime. Infertile individuals usually experience stigma from society, which may cause depression over time. If you have been struggling to get pregnant, you no longer have to worry since San Diego IVF has a remedy for you. As you contemplate this fertility treatment, here are the myths that should never hold you back.

Only Infertile Couples Can Benefit From This Treatment      

The popularity of IVF in aiding conceptions has left some people thinking that the treatment is only effective for infertile individuals. However, this idea is far, much away from reality. You can opt for this treatment if you or your partner have genetic conditions that could affect your baby. The fertility specialist will test for genetic disorders after creating embryos during the procedure. Same-sex partners can also seek IVF treatment to have a healthy baby.

IVF Is Effective at Any Age

Age is an important parameter that influences the success of IVF treatments. As women get older, the quality of their eggs reduces. This instance lowers the chances of IVF success in creating a healthy baby. Similarly, sperm quantity and motility reduce as men grow old due to low testosterone levels. Couples seeking IVF at a younger age have more chances of realizing conception success than older ones.

IVF Will Ultimately Cause Multiple Births

Previously, IVF treatments involved transferring several healthy embryos to boost the chances of live births. This exercise sparked the notion that IVF will always lead to multiple births. However, with modern technology’s advancement, there has been a paradigm shift in how specialists conduct IVF. Essentially, they select a single healthy during implantation, which may not always lead to twins or triplets.

Fertility Drugs Ignite Cancer

Safety is one of the main concerns people have when seeking IVF treatment. Some people even associate stimulation drugs with cancerous growth. While you must take certain drugs to stimulate ovulation, be rest assured of safety since these medications have minimal risk. Many people worldwide have undergone this treatment without experiencing any health complications. Since the invention of IVF, no studies have backed the claims that this treatment will cause cancer.

IVF Is the Only Fertility Treatment

You may think IVF is the only remedy for your fertility concern, but you are mistaken. After fertility evaluation, your doctor can recommend other treatment options such as medications and surgery. The choice of treatment will depend on the underlying cause of your infertility. However, IVF has proved to be more effective in creating healthy babies, especially if any partners have genetic conditions.

Have you been trying to get pregnant all in vain? Worry no more since IVF can help you give birth to a healthy baby. Looking for the correct information about this fertility treatment is good as you anticipate the appointment. The above-debunked myths will help you straighten controversies concerning IVF. For example, you will learn that age is a practical matter in dictating the success of IVF treatment. You will also understand that the cause of fertility issues will influence the choice of fertility treatment.