The Excitement of having London tantric massage

Massage can also be referred to as sex therapy, and London tantric massage certainly fits that description. A person receiving a sensual massage may in reality be feeling the start of consensual sex with their therapist, who may be their romantic partner at the time of the massage and a massage may be performed in a client’s residence or at a massage establishment.

There must be an area in the house where both the massage therapist and the recipient may be completely undisturbed, as well as where no one else can get in the way of the two of you having sex. This area should also include a massage table or perhaps a very firm bed where you may recline while getting a massage.

During the massage, it’s important that the giver has complete freedom of movement around you, the most important consideration is that you feel completely at ease and a mutual agreement should be reached, with both sides agreeing to the performance’s completion.

 Comfort Is what Makes it Better!

The next step is to ensure your comfort by using cushions to elevate your head or other body parts but if you find yourself needing to wipe away the sweat, a few towels will come in helpful. It would be wonderful if your massage therapist provided you with a selection of oils to use on your body, so that you did not develop sore places as a result of excessive pressing on raw skin during the massage. 

When the fragrant oil is also warmed, it creates an exceptionally erotic sensation. If you want to set the right ambiance, you’ll need some music playing in the background, whether it’s your own choice or one that you and your partner appreciate.

You, as the recipient of this London tantric massage, should feel relaxed and at ease in your new role, depending on the situation, it might be a prelude to sexual encounters or simply a means to unwind after a long week at work.

 Look Into Those Eyes to Read Me!

Your partner ought to be able to make you feel wonderful when you are both relaxed and everything is set up to your sexual satisfaction by the time you are both comfortable and if the individual performing the massage has a tendency to stray from the task at hand, you may always encourage them to pay close attention to your reactions and if they are using heated oil, you should be experiencing some beautiful calming moving motions as their hands maintain contact with your physique for an extended period of time. 

This should give the impression that you and your partner have established a rhythm, and the partner receiving the massage should begin to react to the pressure of your hands, maintain your gaze on their head so that you can determine if you are inflicting them any discomfort. 


This is supposed to be a wonderful experience, so you should take as much time as both you & your partner need to reach that point of pleasure, enjoy the sexual arousal while you are on your session for a worth it day.