How to Live a Happy Life and Increase Your Mental Health

Are you trying to figure out how to live a happy life and increase your mental health? Read this article to learn what you ned to know.

Get this: nearly half of all American adults have suffered from mental illness issues at one point or another. However, you don’t have to let these statistics keep you from living a happy life.

On the hunt for tips for living a better life?

Fortunately for you, we’re here to help. Take a look at how to live a happy life and increase your mental health here!

How to Rewire Your Brain to Become Happier

If you’re interested in rewiring your brain to be happier, we’ve got your back. One of the first ways to shift your mindset to start a daily gratitude practice.

For example, there’s nothing wrong with showing your appreciation to someone who has gone above and beyond to make your life easier. Not only will this give you a mood boost, but it’ll boost the other person’s mood too.

Another way that you can improve your mental health is to start a gratitude journal. Although this might seem corny, jotting down the positives that occur throughout your day truly works. In fact, the benefits of keeping a regular gratitude journal include:

  • Feeling happier
  • Feeling more connected to others
  • Feeling more appreciative

In addition to this, it always helps to count what you are thankful for. If you don’t know where to start, it helps to call to mind all of the positive things in your life, including:

  • People
  • Experiences
  • Places

By focusing on your blessings, it will be easy to show gratitude for those who love you. You might be surprised to find out how long your gratitude list is.

While we’re on the topic of gratitude, maybe try writing a letter to someone who gave you a helping hand in the past. Then, send the letter through the mail.

When all else fails, you can spin a negative event from your past into a positive one. Reflecting on the hardest times can show us the most beautiful lessons. Once you focus on how your negative experience made you stronger, it will be easy to see the meaning of the not-so-positive events in your life!

More Mental Health Hacks For Your Mind

Curious about more mental health hacks?

Let’s face it: having a positive relationship in your life is one of the biggest sources of happiness that can happen to you. Our general rule of thumb is that the happier you are, the more likely you will have:

  • A supportive, large circle of friends and family
  • A healthy marriage
  • A busy social life

So, if you are not nurturing the close relationships that you already have, you are taking a step in the wrong direction. Once you start making more of an effort to build and cultivate relationships with others, you will see positive results before you know it.

However, it can be pretty difficult to practice good contact maintenance thanks to our busy world. But here’s the catch: you may regret losing touch with your family or friends in the end. That’s why we highly recommend that you spend time writing, calling, or video chatting your loved ones whenever you can.

Speaking of which, we encourage you to spend “quality time” with those that you care about as well. And no, lounging on the couch while catching up on the latest Netflix series doesn’t count. Instead, try sharing your feelings with others to fill in your time.

While you are at it, it doesn’t hurt to give compliments to others either. If you are feeling stuck, attempt to tell someone else how much you appreciate and admire them. Who knows – this may even encourage them to become a better partner or friend.

Bonus points: you will end up cherishing your relationship, even more, feeling happier instantly!

Additional Tips for Increasing Mental Health

Thought we were done yet?

Luckily for you, we’ve still got a few additional tips for increasing mental health. In terms of mindfulness practices, you can’t go wrong with:

  • Body scans
  • Walking meditations
  • Mindful meals

What is a body scan, you ask?

This is a way to focus your mind on different areas of your physical body. Similar to relaxing your muscles progressively, start by paying attention to your toes and working your way upward. Just be sure to relax your muscles instead of tensing them with this mental practice.

In addition to this, walking meditations are a great way to calm your mind while remaining active. Think about the feeling of your feet hitting the earth, the movement of your breath in your body, and the sensation of the breeze caressing your face.

Finally, there is mindful eating.

If you’re prone to heading to the kitchen anytime you are feeling bored or stressed out, try to have a mindful meal. This means that you will actually sit down with your food and eat without watching TV or reading a newspaper. Eat as slowly as possible, concentrating on enjoying every bite.

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Don’t Know How to Live a Happy Life?

Are you still struggling to learn how to live a happy life?

Don’t worry – there is no magic switch that is going to make the change for you. Rather, it is a series of everyday habits of gratitude and mindfulness that will do the trick. Cheer up and good luck!

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