Find Relief from Back Pain with Effective Treatment Options

Back pain can be debilitating and painful, making your life uncomfortable. There may be different unknown causes of back pain, and that is why you may need back pain Newtown treatments. A team of experts at the center will offer you the best care possible to address the back pains and relieve the pain and discomfort you may have.

What are the causes of back pain?

You may develop back pain that may need your doctor’s testing to determine the cause. The most common conditions that may cause back pain may include:

·                     Ligament strain

If you lift heavy weights repeatedly or have awkward movements suddenly, you may cause your muscles to begin straining, leading to back pain. You may also cause a strain from overactivity, for example, the stiffness that comes after playing a sport for too long.

·                     Arthritis

You may develop back pain resulting from spinal osteoarthritis. This type of arthritis may arise from the damage in the cartilages of your joints around the lower back. And if it continues to progress, it may cause your spinal column to narrow, a condition known as spinal stenosis.

·                     Disc injuries

Discs are tissues cushioning the gap between the vertebrae, and if you have any injuries in the disc, it may cause back pain. The discs may rupture, bulge, or herniate, causing a compression of the nerves. You may experience pain from a herniated disc or an irritation if your disc is bulging and pressing on nerves traveling down your leg. You may feel some tingling sensation or numbness if the bulging causes Sciatica.

What are the treatments available for back pains?

Your doctor may have to examine you by assessing your ability to stand, sit and walk. You may also answer questions on the severity and origin of the pain to help establish a  cause of the back pain. Your doctor may also conduct tests, including X-rays, CT scans, blood tests, and bone scans, if they suspect any conditions causing pain. After your doctor establishes a correct diagnosis, your doctor may schedule a treatment plan. Treatment options may include:

·                     Medications

Your doctor may recommend medications that can help relieve the pain. They may include:

    OTC pain relievers

These may include anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, and you should take medicine as prescribed by your doctor.


    Muscle relaxants

    Creams and ointments

·                     Physical therapy

You may need physical therapy to help with exercising your muscles, strengthen your back muscles and also increase your flexibility. Your therapist may recommend regular exercising to prevent the possibility of the pain returning. Your therapist may also educate you on active movements you can try when you experience back pain.

·                     Surgery

If you may be experiencing unending back pain and your muscles continue to weaken, your doctor may recommend surgery, especially if your structural problems causing back pain do not respond to therapy.

You may also improve your back condition by exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight. It would be best if you avoided movements that strain your back.

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