Facts about Veneers You Might Have Never Come Across

Every person dreams of having a sparkling smile. However, if you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth due to misaligned, fractured, lost, or discolored teeth, you are unlikely to achieve it. Luckily, several cosmetic dental procedures, such as Temecula veneers, are increasingly gaining popularity due to their effectiveness in giving you the smile you wish to have. Every process, including veneers, is usually associated with myths that can instill fear, preventing you from considering the treatment. As a result, this article elaborates on the common facts about veneers you might have never come across.

Veneers Can Boost Your Self-Confidence

If you are afraid of your dental appearance, consider getting veneers to boost your confidence. Veneers enable you to feel comfortable in your skin with a sparkling smile. However, you should consult your dental specialist to confirm your eligibility for this procedure. Your provider will gladly assist you if you have any questions about this treatment.

They Can Be Made From Several Materials

Many people have been assuming veneers are made from porcelain only for many years. Although this is true because porcelain is the common material used, other options exist. For instance, your dentist can use resin to manufacture veneers. Both materials provide varying advantages and disadvantages. For example, porcelain dental veneers are more long-lasting than resin dental veneers. Alternatively, the resin is relatively more affordable than porcelain.

Veneers Can Assist In Eliminating Tooth Sensitivity

Many individuals are struggling with tooth sensitivity. You might have sensitive teeth if you have ever experienced pain or discomfort after taking a hot or cold beverage. Fortunately, once veneers are bonded to your teeth, they can minimize tooth sensitivity since they create a barrier against cold and hot drinks and food. You can drink or eat any hot or cold food or beverage without fearing discomfort or pain.

Installing Veneers Is a Painless Procedure

Inserting veneers is not painful as most people think. During the procedure, your dentist numbs the teeth to eliminate possible discomfort. Once the numbness ends, you may experience tenderness and discomfort for about two days. After your dentist shaves off the enamel, you may experience temporary tooth sensitivity. However, you should seek treatment from a certified and experienced dentist because wrongly fitted veneers can lead to jaw pain.

You Can Get the Treatment in One Day

Previously, the treatment process would take a minimum of one month. Your dentist will take some days to take the impression of teeth and take them to the laboratory for manufacturing. The lengthy period for making them and treatment wasted much time; therefore, if you wanted veneers, you would have to wait for some time. Today, dentists make several veneers with different shapes and sizes, meaning you only have to choose the fitting veneers. 

Veneers Are Durable

For some reason, dental veneer treatment can be an investment. Usually, veneers can last for at least ten to 15 years. If you practice good care, studies show they can last for more than twenty years. Some things you can do to boost the longevity of your veneers include practicing good oral hygiene like brushing and going for regular checkups from your dentist.

If you are looking forward to boosting your smile, do not let the myths and misconceptions surrounding the internet prevent you from getting veneers. They can rejuvenate your smile from worn to wonderful. As a result, you will stop covering your mouth when laughing or talking to others. Therefore, consult your dentist to confirm if you are a good candidate for veneers to start your treatment plan immediately.