Everything You Need to Know about CT scan

Healthcare specialists have comprehensive training in their areas, although there are other numerous things they cannot detect by just looking at your body. Usually, several medical conditions require a comprehensive look, typically at the tissues, bones, and vessels inside the body. X-rays sometimes offer some data, but a CT scan is recommended if more detailed data is necessary. Sugar Land CT scan has been embraced by several institutions as they give more detailed information. The following is everything you need to know about CT scans.

What Is a CT scan?

A CT scan refers to devices that computers and turning X-rays devices to establish cross-section images of your body. The images offer detailed data as compared to X-Rays images. CT scan may demonstrate the soft tissues and bones of different parts of your body.

Why is a CT scan Executed?

You may receive a CT scan for several uses, even though it is well fitted for diagnosing diseases and injuries. The following are some of the uses of CT scan.

·         Evaluate the blood vessels

·         Determine the location of tumor and masses such as cancer

·         Observe the treatment effectiveness of a given medical condition

·         Assess the degree of internal injuries and bleeding

How Should You Prepare For a CT scan?

A CT scan does require you to prepare much. If you need a scan, you choose to go with a scan with or without contrast faster. Usually, the process is used when diagnosing traumatic injuries. If recommended, your doctor will advise you to abstain from eating solid food for approximately 4hours prior to the text.

Another preparation you can make is to remove metal objects, including:

·         Watches

·         Jewelry and piercings

·         Hearing aids

·         Dentures

·         Bras with underwire

What to Expect When Undertaking a CT scan?

Your technician will require changing into a hospital gown. The specialist then inserts an IV catheter in the leg and asks if you removed metal objects before arrival. When beginning the scan, your provider will place you on a long narrow table, and you will be safeguarded with safety devices. The process consumes around 20 minutes to 60 minutes.

After the CT scan

After the technician has completed the CT scan, the images will be propelled to a radiologist for exams. Afterward, the doctor will do a follow-up to demonstrate your outcomes.

Are There Risks Involved with a CT scan?

Similar to other scans, CT scan also is accompanied by various risks, including:

·         Being exposed to radiation

·         Allergic reaction

·         High chances of cancer If you get several scans

Can You Get a CT Scan If Pregnant?

In most cases, you might feel anxious about the risk associated with the scan. However, a scan is secure, and you should not avoid it if your doctor recommends it for medical purposes. Ensure if you opt for contrast dye; use it only if it can enhance the diagnosis accuracy.

If you have received different scans such as X-rays, but you feel you still require more detailed data, it is integral to go for a CT scan. The question you should ask yourself is where you can get one. Do not worry because St. Michael’s Elite Hospital in Sugar Land, Texas, provides a comprehensive CT scan that will provide more detailed information about your body. Visit them today or book online to get started.