Effective Treatments to Help You Get Pregnant

Did you know that one in every six couples encounters issues getting pregnant? Unfortunately, infertility is a big problem among many individuals. Different factors contribute to these issues, including environmental chemicals that interfere with your body’s hormones. In addition, societal and cultural changes have added to the problems where men and women wait to have children later. Dr. Peter L Chang, a fertility specialist at Noble Fertility Center, provides effective fertility treatments to help people start families and live fulfilling lives. Keep reading as we look into various available fertility treatments.

In vitro fertilization

It’s an effective treatment that assists women in getting pregnant. The method is also helpful for couples willing to alter the genetic configuration of a future child. In vitro fertilization is among the most successful treatment for infertility issues.

Your provider takes your mature eggs and fertilizes them with your partner or donor’s sperm in a lab. After fertilization, your doctor takes the embryos and inserts them into the uterus for implantation.

In vitro fertilization is good in the following situations.

·         Have frozen eggs or sperm

·         Have endometriosis

·         Have had a recurrent pregnancy loss

·         Want to use a surrogate

·         When using a donor egg or sperm

·         A diagnosis of poor ovarian reserve or impaired sperm

·         Unsuccessful results from other fertility treatments

·         Have advanced maternal age


It is a treatment to restore the embryo’s health. Embryo fragmentation occurs when an uneven division of cells in an embryo occurs. Embryos with fragments have low chances of resulting in pregnancy.

Embryo fragmentation may occur both in natural conception and in vitro fertilization.

Embryoplasty is a technique to remove fragments to preserve the embryo’s viability. It’s an effective procedure to improve the embryo’s quality.

Egg freezing

If you are not ready to start a family, you can preserve your eggs while they are still healthy and viable. Egg freezing is a technique that allows you to preserve your eggs for future use.

Your fertility doctor monitors your cycle to determine the best time to retrieve the eggs. Your provider may give you some medications to enhance your ovaries to produce eggs. You may need follow-up appointments to address the development and maturation of your eggs.

Once the eggs are mature, your provider extracts them in a comfortable and pain-free procedure. After removing the eggs, your provider follows certain steps to freeze your eggs.

Egg freezing is safe and allows you to preserve your eggs for nine years.

Egg donation

It involves using donated eggs and your partner’s or donor sperm to achieve pregnancy. Your doctor fertilizes the eggs in a lab and transfers the embryo to your uterus.

You may consider egg donation when you cannot get pregnant using your eggs due to issues such as ovarian failure.

If you and your partner have been trying to conceive with no results, consider visiting a fertility specialist for evaluation. There are successful fertility treatments that can help you conceive or increase your chances of getting pregnant. Contact Dr. Chang at Noble Fertility Center today to schedule your consultation.