Does BlueChew Work? A Closer Look at This Valuable Service

BlueChew is a popular service that helps men get the prescriptions they need to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). If you’re asking ‘Does BlueChew work?’ though, you should know that the name is referring not to a medication but to a company that streamlines the ordering and shipping process for the medication.

How exactly does the BlueChew team accomplish this? We’ll look at what it means to join BlueChew and what members have come to expect from the experience.

Why Is It Called BlueChew?

The name was inspired by the chewable ED medication it ships out to members once every month.  BlueChew offers generic prescriptions to men who have a common medical condition and helps them coordinate everything from quantity to shipments.

BlueChew does everything in its power to add more value to the customer experience when it comes to ED treatment. While Viagra and Cialis may be household names, the active ingredients (Sildenafil and Tadalafil) are just as effective. And, as a bonus, they’re also more affordable.

How Do Men Get a Prescription for Sildenafil or Tadalafil?

BlueChew partners with pharmacies and healthcare professionals to get men the prescriptions they need to boost their confidence. Users can schedule an online appointment with a prescriber and take part in a brief virtual health consultation.

In fact, many men will choose the BlueChew service precisely because it helps them keep their anonymity. Instead of having to keep dropping by the same drugstore every month, they can count on a discreet package being shipped right to their door.

Are Sildenafil and Tadalafil Essentially the Same Medication?

There are a lot of similarities between Sildenafil and Tadalafil, though they are not the same medication. Both take about 30 – 60 minutes to work and are designed to give men a boost of sexual energy.

However, they are different active ingredients that may affect when and where a man takes it. With Sildenafil, it should be taken up to 4 hours before activity. With Tadalafil, it can be taken anywhere up to 24 hours beforehand.

Does BlueChew work? The goal of the company is to help men find both the dosage and type of medication that’s right for them. A doctor will know which prescription will be the right fit and ensure that men are taking the proper dosage and quantity.

Why Do Men Sign Up for BlueChew? Does BlueChew Work?

BlueChew solves practical problems for their customers. Not every man has access to a prescription right around the corner, nor is their schedule always able to match up with theirs when they’re ready to come by for an appointment

Or maybe it’s a matter of privacy, one where they would prefer not to consult with their family doctor about their ED or see the same people every month. Picking up a prescription once or twice a year certainly isn’t a big deal, but because ED is ongoing, it may mean visiting the same pharmacy every 30 days or so. It doesn’t take long before those constant trips start to feel more like a burden than anything else.

Is BlueChew Available to Everyone?

No. BlueChew is a reputable company that adheres to all state and health regulations. If you’re in North Dakota or South Carolina, BlueChew will not be able to ship ED medication to these states.

In addition, some will be unable to take advantage of the BlueChew service due to their medical history. ED medication may not be advisable for those with different health conditions. Disorders like heart disease or diabetes may make it unsafe to take Tadalafil or Sildenafil, so it’s important to know the risks before compromising your health.

Do I Have to Commit to Using the BlueChew Service for a Certain Time Period?

No. BlueChew offers members a trial subscription, allowing them to see for themselves. In addition, you can look for regular promotional offers that can help you keep costs even lower than the regular subscription.