Body Changes During The Menopause

Changes in hormones and metabolism can shake up your body. You notice some signs that are vague. You start to feel that you have less energy, you can start to get weigh due to a slower metabolism, you could have headaches and mood swings and those are the only one part of the menopause symptoms.

One symptom that is quite obvious when you are entering the menopause, is the absence of menstrual period. By the definition, you are in menopause if you don’t have your period for 12 months. During this period, woman ovaries start to work slower, and later they stop to function, making unbalance in the body.

After 12 months without the period, it is very likely that you have entered the menopause

The woman can no longer be pregnant. The menstrual circle is functioning with the help of estrogen and progesterone hormones. When menopause steps in, estrogen starts to vary and at the end he is no longer been produced. Estrogen defines breasts, body shape and body hair, but also protects the bone. So, women in menopause can develop osteoporosis.

When can you suspect that you are entering the menopause?

The first signs that you will notice are irregular periods. Some women have minimal problems with irregular bleeding, while some others can have excessive bleeding.  Also, if you are around 50 years old, those irregular periods are mostly exordium to menopause.  They can last up to 10 years before the period completely stops. After one year, you will know that you are in menopause.

There is no one pattern when it comes to menstrual periods, everything varies from woman to woman. It can happen that you have a period, then don’t have it for a few months. It is important to visit your doctor, because, sometimes, some other health problems can cause irregular periods. Find a good clinic, and get rid of the concerns, and we can recommend menopause clinic – Australian Menopause Centre.

There are other menstrual symptoms that are quite common and unpleasant. Those are hot flushes, night sweats, vaginal changes, urinary symptoms, emotional changes.

Natural remedies will reduce menopause symptoms

These symptoms can appear anytime during the day. In the beginning, you can be surprised when you get hit by a hot wave, or when you in one point feel sad, but nothing has happened and at the other moment you fell angry. It can happen that you get very tired during the day and that you can’t get enough sleep overnight, especially if you have night sweats that can wake you up.

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Final word

There is no defined time how long the menopause will last, but it’s estimated from 4 years and more. For some women, this period can be rough, so you should consider getting some help from the professional. With natural remedies today, your symptoms will be reduced, and everyday activities will be easier.