5 Worrying Dental Problems Your Dentist Can Improve with Waterlase Laser Dentistry

Cinik Dental - Dental Clinic in Turkey | Istanbul Dental Clinic 🦷 🇹🇷Waterlase is a revolutionary treatment designed by Biolase®. It uses laser technology to direct water and light energy to different parts of the mouth. Because it does not involve incisions and produces fewer sensations, Montgomery waterlase® laser dentistry eliminates the need for anesthetic injections.

The minimally-invasive nature of waterlase makes it an excellent treatment for children and people who get anxious about dental visits. But what exactly does it treat? Here is a review of five dental problems your dentist can fix with painless waterlase treatments.

Tooth Cavities

Dentists treat tooth cavities by drilling out the damaged part of the tooth and inserting a filling into the gap. Unfortunately, the drilling and filling process can be quite involved and painful. Your dentist will usually have to give you a shot to numb the surrounding gum and tissue.

If getting shots at the dentist’s office worries you, you may benefit from waterlase laser dentistry. Also called a no-drill or no-shot filling, this therapy can use water and light energy to eliminate bacteria present in your cavity. You will not need a short and will feel minor discomfort if at all.

Periodontal Disease

Your dentist can use waterlase to perform minimally invasive gum treatments. The laser provides gentle energy through which bacteria in your gum tissue can be removed, alleviating symptoms of moderate to severe gum disease. As a bonus, the laser does not damage the surrounding healthy gum.

Because waterlase treatments eliminate debris and bacteria lodged between your teeth and gums, they can correct the inflammation. This means that it can treat resultant symptoms like pain and bleeding gums. This can in turn prevent complications like tooth loss.

Extra Gum Tissue

Extra gum tissue can make your smile appear “gummy” and your teeth too short. This can compromise the esthetic qualities of your smile and make you self-conscious about your appearance. Through laser energy, your dentist can perform gum contouring to remove the extra tissue.

This treatment may even leave your crowns looking longer, giving you a better, “toothier” smile. Even better, you can forgo the sutures and incisions that typically accompany gum contouring treatments.

Tongue Ties

A tongue tie is an oral condition characterized by restricted tongue movement. Usually present at birth, it can cause problems with speech and breastfeeding during childhood. Your child’s lactation consultant or pediatrician is often the first person to notice the problem.

Tongue ties can remain untreated with little to no side effects if they are mild. However, severe cases may require intervention, in which case your dentist can use waterlase. The laser and water can release the lingual frenulum to correct a tongue tie.

Oral Growths

Several non-cancerous growths can develop in and around the mouth. In most cases, they form on the soft palate, the tongue, the lips, or on the sides of the mouth. While benign, oral growths can cause uncomfortable symptoms like pain, irritation, and problems eating food.

Waterlase laser energy can eliminate oral growths like skin tags by killing the benign tissue. This treatment is less painful and invasive than surgical oral growth interventions.

Restore Your Oral Health with Waterlase Laser Dentistry

Waterlase laser dentistry treatments use specialized technology to remove soft and hard tissue. By combining the power of water and lasers, this treatment can help treat a wide range of dental concerns. The upside is that you can avoid uncomfortable sensations, pain, injections, and sutures.

Since it received FDA approval in 1998, waterlase treatments have been used in a wide range of general and cosmetic dental procedures. You can find out if you are an ideal candidate for the treatment by calling a certified provider today.