5 Helpful Tips for Dealing with Scoliosis Surgery

Over 3 million Americans are diagnosed with scoliosis every year. The condition is common to children and adults and involves the spine developing an abnormal curvature. The condition is often mild but can worsen when not properly addressed. Fortunately, medical professionals like the scoliosis Las Vegas specialists can accurately diagnose and manage the condition to improve the quality of life. Surgery is one of the possible treatments for the complication, especially for cases where the curve exceeds 40 degrees. Although every surgery sounds scary, here is how you can get through scoliosis surgery.

Get Convenient Time for the Surgery

It is natural to experience a little fear and anxiousness after deciding to get spinal surgery. But it would help if you were both mentally and physically fit for the treatment. Therefore, it is good to mitigate your anxiety. One way you can achieve this is by scheduling the treatment at a convenient time where you will have enough time to prepare for the treatment and recover afterward. In most cases, scoliosis surgery is not an emergency treatment, and you can ensure you plan the treatment at the time most convenient for you, like around the summer break if you are still in school.

Do Not be in a Hurry to Leave the Hospital

You will need some time to recover at the hospital after scoliosis surgery. Although the duration you will need to stay at the hospital varies based on the specific surgical procedure performed, age, and general health, do not rush your stay there. In most cases, you will need about four to seven days at the hospital, but everybody heals at their rate. Therefore, discuss your hospital stay with your doctor and ensure that by the time you go home, you can climb the stairs.

Take Pain Medications Carefully

Your provider will give you some strong prescriptions for the pain. But most painkillers are highly addictive and should only be taken for a few weeks. Therefore, ensure you discuss with your doctor your pain management plan in detail as you prepare to leave the hospital. In most cases, your doctor will recommend you switch to over-the-counter medications like Tylenol when you settle at home. But you will not need any painkillers after about 3-6 weeks after your surgery. Talk to your doctor if you experience challenges when weaning off the painkillers.

Be Patient with Your Recovery

One reason why you should schedule scoliosis surgery at a convenient time is to ensure you have adequate recovery time. At home, limit your physical activities to walking alone for about two weeks. Therefore, it is necessary to have someone over to assist you in accomplishing some daily chores like cleaning and cooking. Be easy on yourself, and do not rush to return to your activities and work.

Consider Counseling where Necessary

Scoliosis surgery is associated with physical trauma and pain. If you have problems dealing with such, you can seek expert help. You might be anxious and feel depressed with negative thoughts like your life has been ruined. If the stress becomes too much, it will help to seek counseling.

If you think scoliosis surgery is the best option to manage your back complication, contact McNulty Spine specialists for help. You can schedule a consultation appointment online or via a call to understand your options.