4 Ways to Prevent Cavities

Tooth cavities are not natural occurrences as most people think they are. As a matter of fact, they are caused by bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria react with food debris (starchy and sugary foods) in the mouth to secrete corrosive acids that attack and wear off the teeth enamel. This corrosive action creates cavities in the teeth which could later lead to other serious conditions if left untreated.

Teeth cavities can be easily prevented by practicing proper dental and oral hygiene. Below are few dental tips and oral hygiene routines that will help you prevent teeth cavities.


Routine visit to a dental clinic may seem on the extreme but will definitely go a long way in bettering your overall dental and oral health. Cavities in their early stages are almost unnoticeable, but can easily be identified and corrected with professional aid. As we all know quite well, prevention is better and definitely less expensive than cure. With a profound understanding of your dental health, you’ll be able to adjust your oral hygiene routine to better the overall health of your teeth and eliminate the risk of tooth cavities once and for all.


When you consume sugary foods, the lingering debris is acted upon by bacteria to secrete acid that corrodes the teeth and cause cavities. Constant consumption of high acid containing food is also detrimental to the health of your teeth as they tend to react negatively with the teeth enamel. So, if at all you have to consume sugary or high acid containing food, make it a habit to always drink a glass of water immediately after. This will wash down food debris and acidic substances lingering in the mouth and on teeth surfaces. 


Fluoride is an important mineral found in water and certain toothpaste that help boost teeth growth. Fluoride has a bunch of other advantages apart from boosting teeth growth which includes prevention of teeth cavities and diseases. Fluoride easily works to prevent cavities because of its ability to help worn out enamel redevelop and become even stronger. Taking fluoride-containing water, toothpaste and fluoride dietary supplement will not only help you prevent teeth cavities but also help you develop strong, disease resistant teeth. 


Habits, whether good or bad, build up to affect our life in ways we don’t even know. Developing good habits such as brushing twice daily and flossing frequently is a good way to get rid of food debris in the mouth. Also drinking water frequently is a healthy habit that will help you maintain good oral hygiene as it prevents the buildup of microbes, acid and food debris in the mouth.