Ways to Manage Ptosis

As a person ages, several transformations happen to the body. For instance, the skin loses elasticity and droops. The reduction in elasticity causes the skin to sag around the eyes’ areas. This instance affects a person’s appearance. Besides, if the eyelid droops over the eye, the person’s vision is hampered. There has been an increase in the individuals seeking treatment for Ptosis. The ptosis Peoria program has been set up to reduce the spread of the condition to most elderly people. An individual can reduce the risks of suffering from Ptosis by placing cold cucumber slices on the eye, eating B12 supplements, and doing facial exercises. The following are ways you can apply if you are currently suffering from Ptosis.

Use Fillers

Filers can help to correct the Ptosis. Hyaluronic acid gels fillers such as Sculptra would help since it provides an extra volume that can be filled in deeper crevices on individual cheeks surrounding the lower lead region. However, the fillers also have some weaknesses. For instance, they can cause bluish in the hollow regions, which can cause dark circles. Besides, the fillers are temporary, and they require reinjections over some time since they can create fluid buildup in the eyelids. Besides, if you have fluid blisters, inflammation, allergies, or anything causing fluid build ups in the eyelids, you should avoid using the filers.

Through injections

The individual having droopy eyelids can fix the problem through injection. Essentially, the specialist uses the products comprising botulinum toxins in injections. These toxins include Dysport and Botox, which help stretch the loose skin around the eyes. Also, these components help alleviate eyelid problems such as wrinkles that occur in aged people. Toxic products operate by reducing the strength of the muscles, which keeps pulling the brows down as you get older. Therefore, these injections effectively achieve a youthful appearance due to the balancing of the eyelids.

Through removal of fat

            Droopy eyelids among older people is attributed to the excessive fat in the eyelids. However, these surgical procedures effectively reduce the fat build-up in those parts of the eyes. When the specialists reduce the excess fat, the under eye bag improves. This instance will help boost visibility and improve the rejuvenation of the skin along the eye region. Nevertheless, it would help if you took care when removing the excess fat since it can lead to some hollow effects on the eye.

Use of chamomile tea bags

These bags help in the improvement of the tear film, which is responsible for making the eye moist. When applying these tea bags, you should first put them in hot water. Consequently, place the hot bags in the cold chamber for a few minutes and then put them on your eyes for half an hour. Remove the cold tea bags from your eye and lay for an extra thirty minutes while closing the eyes. The application of chamomile tea bags will help strengthen the loose skin in your eyes.

Contact a Ptosis specialist.

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