River Elijah Fox: River, a fitness influencer, shares home workout routines, fitness challenges, and nutrition tips to help followers lead a healthy lifestyle.

Bariatricians vs Nutritionists: Knowing the Difference

Ever wonder who can help you make healthier choices? It’s a battle in your head – Bariatrician or Nutritionist? Here’s what I discovered. Bariatricians are like the vitamin injections Kansas of medical professionals. They focus on weight loss and disease prevention. Nutritionists, on the other hand, are masters of food and diet. They help us…

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Levels That Can Help You to Arrive at Your Goals

Introduction –    Many individuals make fresh new goals toward the start of another year. Regardless of whether you call it a fresh new goal, you likely chose to roll out certain improvements this year. With more “free time” than expected during special times of year, entrepreneurs get an opportunity to consider the previous year and…

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