Highlights On Change Of Eye Colour, Safe Or Not?

Changing eye colour is an aesthetic concern that some people have come to consider, however experts warn that having an operation for this purpose can be dangerous, and they are not supporters.

Is It Safe To Have An eye colour surgery?

Currently, there are some techniques to artificially change the colour of the iris that today are not recommended and allowed because they are not sufficiently contrasted in that they can be harmful to vision.

One of these techniques is to place a small coloured silicone to discover the iris. Another surgical procedure that has become fashionable uses a laser that burns the thinnest layer of the iris surface, intending to give it a more bluish tone.

In this case, the laser acts on one of the iris’ layers, where the pigments that give it colour are located. If an obstruction occurs when these pigments pass into the aqueous hum or, the fluid may not drain properly, increase tension, and glaucoma may occur.

Another method is keratopigmentation, which consists of staining the cornea with dye. It is the least aggressive as it is reversible and not permanent. These pigments must be biocompatible for the eye. In some cases, it produces dry eyes and eyelids (หนังตาตก

 which is the term in Thai) It has also been used as a cosmetic therapy to improve the appearance of blind eyes.

Experts Do Not Recommend Changing Eye Colour

In general, for ophthalmologists, these techniques aimed at depigmentation of the iris with an aesthetic motive do not guarantee safety due to the high probability that some complications may arise.

Also, in some countries, their mode of operations for the change of colour of eyes with a laser, for example, does not have the pertinent medical authorizations since it has been shown to damage the iris by weakening it and causing higher photosensitivity. These techniques that can damage the iris, according to experts, can, therefore, cause infections, increased pressure on the eye, affects the optic nerve, or even the early appearance of cataracts, as well as uveitis or atrophy of the sectorial iris.