Foot and Ankle problems and how to cope with them

Your legs are one of the most overworked parts of your body. This is because most activities people do involve moving around. This makes the lower part of your body, especially your foot, to be made up of a complex meshwork of structures that work together to sustain your body’s weight when moving around. This makes your foot prone to many different types of injuries. Foot and Ankle Institute of Colorado is a renowned facility that deals with these issues, and more about them are discussed below.

Who is a Podiatrist?

These are medical physicians specializing in issues affecting your lower legs or feet. Other underlying ailments like diabetes can have complications affecting your feet that a podiatrist can deal with.

They can reset broken bones, do surgery, order x-rays or lab tests, and prescribe drugs. They can handle problems with your feet working together with other specialists.

Conditions Podiatrists deal with

Podiatrists are specially qualified to deal with many issues involving your foot, such as:


The condition comes from swelling, inflammation, and wear and tear of multiple joints in your foot. Treatment may involve drugs, physical therapy, or special inserts in your shoes. Surgery may be recommended as a last option for severe cases when other treatments fail.


This issue is characterized by your body not using insulin properly or not making enough. Since insulin assists your body in digesting sugar, diabetes can cause problems with nerves in your legs or feet as challenges are getting adequate blood to the feet.

Diabetes may cause severe complications causing many cases of foot amputation. A podiatrist’s regular check-ups on your feet for diabetes patients may prevent these complications.

Hammertoes and Bunions

These issues affect the bones of your feet. A bunion comes about when the joint at the bottom of your largest toe is displaced or becomes bigger, making the toe curve towards the others. Hammertoes occur when one toe bends differently from others.

Sprains and Fractures

These injuries are typical for your ankle or foot. They are commonly found in sports medicine dealing with foot issues for athletes while advising them on ways of preventing future injuries.

Nail Disorders

An ingrown toenail or an infection due to a fungus are some common nail disorders. An ingrown toenail happens when the corner of one of your toenails grows towards your toe’s inside rather than outwards.

Heel Pain

Heel pain may result from heel spurs. Heel spurs occur when calcium builds up beneath the heel bone. This comes about from ill-fitting shoes, running, or being overweight. Unsupportive shoes and sports can cause overpronation, bending out, or your foot when walking.

Heel pain can also affect athletes through Achilles tendinitis, making the pain behind your heel close to the tendons. Treatment typically involves pain drugs or shoe inserts known as orthotics. Rare heel complications may not go away with typical treatment needing the intervention of surgery.

Athletes and people who do physical activity regularly overwork their feet and ankles, which are prone to these issues. They may need to have a podiatrist close by to manage the injuries effectively. For any podiatrist inquiries, check our website out, or call our offices in Colorado Springs, CO.