Why You Might Want to Consider Regenerative Medicine

Musculoskeletal issues are common as you age due to wear and tear. They can also occur due to an injury that can limit the quality of your life by causing pain and movement problems. Fortunately, you do not have to jump to surgery right away; you might want to try regenerative medicine first. The Clifton regenerative medicine specialists recommend the treatment to patients willing to skip surgery since it promotes the body’s ability to repair, regrow, and replace any damaged tissue, cells, or organs. The treatment has proven effective in managing most musculoskeletal issues with few risks. Here are some benefits it holds.

A Natural Treatment

One major benefit of regenerative medicine is that it is a natural source. This has made many medical experts devote their research to this field of science. The resources used exist right in your own body. Just like the regenerative cells were created in your body from a simple embryo, they can still help your body repair and heal itself even when you are fully formed. Therefore, the treatment you get involves utilizing all-natural and powerful resources from your body and working with the body to make it healthier and stronger.

Limited Collateral Damage

Repairing a human body comes with some collateral damage. But regenerative medicine ensures that the damage is limited and you gain more with few risks. Invasive options like surgery can help restore your body function but could have more damage. Healing is straightforward with regenerative medicine, unlike with surgery. Your recovery could be complicated after surgery due to more injuries to your body, as the process itself is very rocky.


Regenerative medicine offers safer solutions to musculoskeletal issues and other complications. As mentioned earlier, the resources used are natural from your own body, making it a safer approach to repair any damaged tissues in your body. The medicine will come from your own body, meaning your body will readily accept the treatments. This minimizes side effects and complications when your body rejects some treatments.

Tested and Proven

Regenerative medicine has been tested and proven on the effectiveness of the treatments. Some studies are still ongoing to investigate more different treatments, but early results have indicated that the treatments are promising. Clinical trials that have been conducted were positive on the aspect of side effects, meaning that most regenerative medicine treatments have fewer side effects and risks involved. Some research on PRP injection has shown that patients experience significant improvements within weeks of treatment.

A Straightforward Treatment

Regenerative medicine is an easier path forward. When you have been suffering pain and discomfort, all you desire moving forward is to be as comfortable as possible. Regenerative medicine utilizes as minimally invasive an approach as possible. You will not get something more than a needle. This helps you get to a pain-free life more quickly since the recovery is easier than when you could have undergone surgery. You will be able to move with ease after a short while since no more injuries are made to your body.

Regenerative medicine has proven to have more benefits with fewer risks and complications. If you think the treatments can play a role in your health, get in touch with the experts at Garden State Pain & Orthopedics for guidance. You can also book your consultation appointment online.