Skincare routine for the winters 

The year is almost tiptoeing toward its end. And the end of the year means winters. Winters are a time to spend indoors surrounded by your family and friends. But it is also that time of the year when your skin needs the most care. This blog is dedicated to winter skincare suggested by medical dermatologist woodmere. Adapting the steps in your winter skincare will make your skin glowing and radiant. So educate yourself to get the finest skin you have ever had by adapting these skincare steps.


Winter, summer, or any time of the year, this is a step that you should not miss. Use a gentle fragrance-free face wash instead of a fruity or flowery-smelling face wash. Do not wash your face with warm water, instead opt for lukewarm water or cold water acts even better. The market is flooded with various face washes. If you are confused about which one will be best for your skin, ask your consulting dermatologist. Use micellar water or a face wash with micellar water as they are good for removing makeup.


The term exfoliating might bring the images of scrubs that were available in the market. But according to dermatologists now, the scrubs cause micro-tears in the skin, and you must avoid them. Instead, make your skin as soft as the baby’s bum by using a chemical exfoliator. These chemical exfoliators are great for improving skin texture and getting rid of dead skin.

Use a toner

Toner is another wonderful and refreshing skin care product that gives you an instant boost of hydration. While they are much enjoyed during the summer, in winter they might not be that much welcomed. But using a toner throughout the year ensures that you have good skin. 


Using a serum can work wonders for your skin. You might be reluctant to include so many steps in your skincare routine, but skipping on serum might skip on the radiance that you are going to get. Ensure that you include a serum in your skincare routine to get radiant, make-up-like skin throughout the day.


Sunscreen is not meant to be used only during the summer. Whatever the weather is, you must apply sunscreen before you step out of your house. No matter if it is cloudy, raining, or late in the afternoon, make sunscreen your BFF!