All you need to know concerning work injuries and worker’s compensation

Suffering from a work injury affects your overall health and your source of income. In most cases, after experiencing a work injury, you are given some time off to seek treatment and heal. During this time, you cannot generate any income but instead, incur many expenses while seeking medical services. In such instances, you must claim employee compensations to help cater for your bills until you recover. Therefore, if you are interested in recovering quickly and getting workers compensation without delays, Pittsburgh board certified orthopedic spine surgeon is here to solve all your concerns. The specialist takes a holistic approach to caring for and treating patients with work injuries to help alleviate pain and restore their functioning. Below is all you need to know concerning work injuries.

What are work injuries?

Usually, work injuries refer to accidents or damages that occur when working at your workplace. In most cases, they typically affect the musculoskeletal system. They include damaged cartilage, herniated discs, broken bones, ruptured tendons, ligament sprains, repetitive movement disorders, and muscle strains. Mainly, neck and back pain results from work injuries requiring a few work-off days. Of importance to note is that work injuries do not necessarily mean that you need some days or weeks off work because some conditions gradually develop into chronic pain concerns that can even lead to disability. If you suffer from work injuries, you should be entitled to compensation benefits.

What is workers’ compensation?

It is an insurance program for employees that focuses on covering workers who have fallen sick due to work or experienced work injuries. Every country has an employees’ compensation board that deals with work injury payments and claims. The board also helps deal with disagreements between employers, insurers, and employees. The employer should ensure that they pay a fee to the worker’s comp that covers all employees. Therefore, it doesn’t matter who caused the injury because all workers are entitled to a compensation fund. But if you deem your employer responsible for your damages, you consult a lawyer, but in most cases which caused the injury is unnecessary. The only instances when you cannot be compensated are if you injured yourself deliberately or were drunk while working, or have abused drugs.

How can work injuries be treated?

In most cases, the treatment option given to treat your work injury depends on your overall health, age, and type of injury you have. After performing a physical examination, running some diagnostic tests, and reviewing your medical history, your caregiver develops a customized treatment program to meet your needs. The treatment plan may incorporate steroid injections, physical therapy, cold compressions, medication, heat therapies, or manual manipulation. The primary focus of treatment is to promote recovery from your work injuries. And if the above methods are not improving your condition, surgery may be recommended.

If work injuries are left untreated may result in permanent job loss or disability. Therefore, if you suffer from any work injury and seek help to promote recovery or claim workers’ comp, you can get started by booking your appointment online.