How Long Is Too Long To Suffer From Back Pain?

Nothing adds to the length of a long day like battling back pain. Even simple actions like lifting a bag of groceries can feel overwhelming if you have back discomfort. Furthermore, the cause of your back discomfort could be more complex than the strain or continuous lifting or twisting that caused it in the first place. Yet, getting to the root of the problem is the only way to avoid future pain. If you hesitate to do something concerning your back pain Westfield till it becomes debilitating, you have waited for more than enough. Most people’s back discomfort alleviates in a week or two, but if yours is persistent, it is time to seek expert help. Check out this post to learn more about back pain, including what causes it and when to consult a specialist.

What Are The Common Causes Of Back Pain?

Back pain may feel like a burning sensation, aching, dull, or acute pain that ranges from mild to severe. It could be the outcomes of a sports accident, carrying something large, twisting, or yard chores.

Though anybody is vulnerable to back pain, certain conditions can raise your risk, including:

·         Age- elderly persons are more likely to develop disc degeneration and osteoarthritis

·         Occupation- back discomfort is more common in persons who work in jobs that require heavy lifting, continuous bending, or long periods of sitting or standing.

·         Activity level- leading a sedentary lifestyle, as well as weakened back muscles and poor core strength, rendering it easier to put on weight

·         Weight- excessive weight puts a strain on the back and spine muscles

·         Smoking habits- smoking inhibits blood flow, affecting your body’s ability to repair, and raises your risk of developing osteoporosis

When Should You Consult A Doctor About Back Pain?

Sometimes back discomfort strikes suddenly, and you recognize precisely what induced it. However, more often than not, the root source of your back discomfort is not always obvious, rendering it hard to decide when it is time to consult a professional. The orthopedic experts at Genesis Orthopedic and Spine suggest that it is time to visit a doctor if:

·         Your Discomfort Is Serious- Although some back pain is mild to moderate, serious back pain occurs whenever the discomfort is consistent, sharp, or worsens while you sleep or relax.

·         Your Discomfort Is Not Going Away- Back pain that lasts longer than three months is deemed chronic and might necessitate a customized care strategy.

·         Your Back Discomfort Is Not The Only Thing Bothering You- If your discomfort travels down your leg, you experience weakness or numbness in your legs or hip or have tingling in your feet and legs, it could be a sign of pressure on your back.

·         Everyday Tasks Have Gotten More Challenging- If your back discomfort is already interfering with your daily routine, do not allow it to become so severe that it prevents you from engaging in the things you love.

·         You Have Several Other Troubling Symptoms- Though uncommon, back discomfort can indicate a serious health concern, such as a tumor or spinal infection. If your discomfort is accompanied by a fever, urine or bowel difficulty, or unexplained weight loss, inform your doctor.

Do not live with pain! Look no further than Genesis Orthopedic and Spine for top-level care for your back pain. Irrespective of what is triggering your back discomfort, the expert staff has the necessary skills to build a focused care plan. Arrange an appointment today through mobile or book online to discuss your unique concerns.