Choosing the Best Method for Birth Control

It is possible to choose when to have your baby, therefore preparing yourself enough till the right time. There are many ways you can do that; birth control McDonough is the best method that applies multiple choices for you to be in control of fertility.

What is birth control?

Birth control is the practice of preventing pregnancy using medicine or devices and planning it at a time convenient for you. This action will help you not leave your pregnancy to chance. There are many different types of birth control which you can pick from depending on which one works best for you. The control method will depend on your state of health and when you may wish to have your kids without the risk of getting a Sexually Transmitted Infection. Birth control may be hormonal such that the chemical in them inhibits the hormones in your body from keeping a pregnancy by stopping the ovulation process.

What are the available hormonal birth control methods?

These methods stop ovulation and block your natural hormones to avoid pregnancy. They may include:

·                     Birth control pills

They are the most known and commonly used method of birth control. This hormonal pill is taken orally and contains small quantities of human-made hormones; progestin and estrogen. The hormones work by inhibiting the regular hormones in your body to keep pregnancy. They can also interfere with the mucus in your cervix, thus making it a challenge for sperm to enter your reproductive system and locate an egg for fertilization. The pills may also block pregnancy by temporarily modifying your womb’s lining so that implantation does not occur.

·                     Intrauterine Device

This device also stops the lining of your uterus from developing as it contains the hormone progesterone. After your doctor inserts it into your system, it can last for three years or more, offering adequate long-term protection. After the first phase, you may experience your periods lightly or fail to have your periods altogether. The devices may come in a variety based on the sizes and the amount of progesterone. You may talk to your specialist to find the correct device for you.

They may also be the physical barrier forms of birth control, such as:

·                     Condom

This thin barrier tool is worn during sex to prevent sperm from reaching an egg; therefore, there will be no fertilization. There are female and male condoms. It is cost-friendly and readily available, and it is easy to follow instructions on how it works. Condoms also help significantly in preventing Sexually Transmitted infections. If you may have allergies to condoms, you can always talk to your doctor.

Are there any side effects of the birth control methods?

You may experience mild symptoms after using a birth control pill, such as; nausea, headaches, or bloating. But these effects will disappear after a short time. You may require a visit to the doctor if you have difficulty breathing or swelling in your legs.

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