6 Early Signs of Arthritis That You Should Not Ignore

Most people have experienced numbness, joint pain, or fatigue at some point. These signs put you at a greater risk of contracting arthritis. Recently, arthritis Gramercy has been one of the common issues affecting numerous people’s well-being. Even though there are different forms of arthritis you can experience, all of them are accompanied by joint pain in one or more body parts. Fortunately, the condition can be coped with by appropriate treatment, which is why you should be aware of early signs. The following are 6 early signs of arthritis you should not ignore.

1. Loss of Weight

You may sometimes experience weight loss when your joints are inflamed. The condition is caused by the combination of different arthritis symptoms you may be showing. Normally, a feverish person is more likely to lose appetite, possibly leading to weight loss. You should pay attention to your body weight because any unexpected weight can signal a problem. Therefore, you should keep in touch with your healthcare provider for checkups of any underlying complications.

2. Joint Stiffness

In the morning, joint stiffness may occur after a long sitting activity or when you wake up. As a result, to do something, you require lubrication. If the issue lasts more than 30 minutes or in the morning, it may signify rheumatoid arthritis (RA). You should reach out to your healthcare provider for further examinations.

3. Numbness

Sometimes if you have arthritis, your hands or feet may feel numbness. Individuals living with Arthritis have reported they experience numbing or tingling sensations at the beginning of the disease. Even though numbness is not exclusive to the problem, it may be a severe warning. Besides, if you experience numbness accompanied by joint inflammation and nerve compression, there is a high chance of having arthritis.

4. Pain In the Previously Injured Joint

Most cases of osteoarthritis happen in some body part that had previously suffered an injury or stress. For instance, if you have injured your knee during high school days, there is the possibility of getting osteoarthritis later in life. If your pain comes from a previously injured joint, consult your medical specialist for comprehensive treatment.

5. Troubled Sleep

Troubled sleep may mainly result from other health problems like stress. However, arthritis makes your sleep uncomfortable and unbearable. This effect makes you experience even more pain since declined sleep upsurges inflammation that increases anxiety. Additionally, lack of sufficient sleep can cause troubles in your daily activities as you may fall asleep when performing duties during the day. Thus, once you notice abnormal sleeping habits, contact your provider for arthritis checkups.

6. Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the common arthritis symptoms that come with indirect consequences, which trickles into your everyday activities and life. For instance, you may feel tired when participating in daily activities. Alternatively, you may experience declined productivity and sex drive. These fatigue scenarios may be indicators you may be in the early stages of arthritis.

Nevertheless, not all instances of fatigue signify arthritis; it may be due to being sleepy or tired because of other reasons. Thus, you should schedule a visit to your provider for exclusive checkups.

Are you worried or uncertain about the likelihood of having arthritis? Signs like fatigue, troubled sleep, and joint pain may put you more vulnerable to the condition. For comprehensive arthritis checkups and treatment, consider DeLoor Podiatry Associates, with offices in Gramercy and other areas within New Jersey. The associates offer passionate, convenient, and affordable arthritis treatment enabling you to return to normal life. Call, text, or use their link to book online today to schedule an appointment.

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