Why Should You Never Sleep With Makeup? Discover The Answer Now

We have always been advised not to sleep with makeup, but not many know the real reasons. Therefore, today, Fine Thread Lifting in “Khon Kaen” (ร้อยไหม ขอนแก่น which is the term in thai), shows you what its devastating consequences are. 

Crisp Eyelashes

In itself, the eyelashes already weaken when you put mascara throughout the day. Now, imagine how hard it must be for them to endure all that makeup at night. Not only will they become more brittle, but they will gradually fall apart. If you want to continue wearing a stunning look, take a few minutes of your time and remove all the product from your eyelashes with almond oil so that you will strengthen them and they will grow faster.


Never, never, you should sleep makeup. This would be a grave mistake that would pay your skin dearly. If you start to see pimples on your face and you are no longer a teenager whose hormones produce acne naturally, be very careful. If you do not remove makeup at night, your pores will be clogged accumulating fat and dirt, which leads to unwanted acne breakouts. Then don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Zero Brightness

Your skin is naturally radiant, but if you do not remove all your makeup at night, it will become rough and look dull. 

Dry Lips

The lipsticks can highlight our smile in an incredible way, but if you do not want to dry your lips after so much use, remove all your makeup before bedtime and apply a moisturizing balm with natural ingredients.


Your skin needs to breathe even at night to regenerate, but if you still have makeup, you will accelerate the ageing process. You will have increasingly fine lines of expression accompanying you for life.