What is Ultherapy?

When old age starts to kick in, the skin loses firmness and elasticity, leading to the sagging of the skin. While aging is inevitable, there are things you can do to keep your skin looking youthful. That is where ultherapy comes in. Cypress Ultherapy is a non-surgical alternative to lasers, radio waves, and injectables for lifting and tightening loose skin. It is based on ultrasound technology, commonly used in diagnostic imaging and has been used for decades in medicine. The FDA has also approved it for use in facial rejuvenation.

Here is how ultherapy works and its benefits

How ultherapy works

The Ultherapy procedure utilizes ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen production around the area being treated, causing new tissue growth in the form of collagen, elastin, and fibroblasts. These are the building blocks of youthful skin. The ultrasound energy delivered via the Ulthera wand can penetrate multiple levels of your skin up to 2cm. This stimulates the production of new tissue growth throughout the dermis layer, which helps lift and tighten loose skin on your face and neck and your chest, back, arms, hands, abdomen, buttocks, or buttocks thighs.

Treatment generally takes about 30 minutes, during which a gel is applied over the treatment area to help the ultrasound waves penetrate beneath the skin. The device looks like a wand with a small tip that emits high-frequency sound waves.

At no point does your doctor need to insert anything inside your body. They aim the wand at your skin and press a button. In fact, you will not even have any incisions or complicated recovery time from ultherapy treatments. After the procedure is complete, you can return to your routine without any pain or recovery time.

Ultherapy benefits

No painful injections or downtime

Ultherapy facelift procedure can be performed in minutes without injections or downtime. It uses ultrasound energy to tighten and lift the skin on the face and neck, reducing lines, wrinkles and folds.

Results that last up to two years

Ultherapy results are immediate, and while they may seem subtle at first, they continue to improve over the next several months. Many patients find that they continue looking better up to two years after treatment.

Painless procedure that helps tighten the skin and lifts the cheeks, brow area and the jawline

The procedure is painless and does not involve any incisions. A wand sends ultrasound waves through the skin at a frequency of one million cycles per second. This energy heats the upper layers of the skin to around 55 degrees Celsius (131 F), which causes damaged microcapillaries to close and prevents bleeding. The heat also stimulates collagen production, which improves skin elasticity so that wrinkles get plumped up and smoothed out.

Treatments are safe for all skin types

Ultherapy works with your body instead of against it by encouraging your own natural collagen production. This means that any skin type can be treated. The micro-needling involved in the treatment penetrates deep enough to stimulate your body’s natural healing process without going so deep as to cause damage to the skin’s surface or blood vessels.

As a non-surgical alternative to plastic surgery, Ulthera is becoming a popular choice for patients looking to treat facial aging, deep wrinkles, and skin laxity. This cosmetic procedure can treat aging issues in a non-invasive yet pain-free way. For Ultherapy treatment, search for Balle Bliss Luxury Medical Spa.

As a non-surgical alternative to plastic surgery, Ulthera is fast becoming a popular choice for patients looking to treat facial aging, deep wrinkles, and skin laxity. This cosmetic procedure has been gaining popularity for its ability to treat these issues in a non-invasive way that is also pain-free.