What is Prenatal Care? Why Do You Need It?

Did you know that prenatal care promotes your chances of safety and health from the time you are pregnant until delivery? Pregnancy comes as a blessing; it needs all the guidance to protect the baby and help you cope with your daily life. Usually, it’s best to start your prenatal care early, even before becoming pregnant, to enhance a healthy pregnancy. The prenatal care Memorial City specialists at Memorial Women’s Specialist offer compassionate care to support your health and baby during pregnancy. Here we look into details of what prenatal care is all about.

Why do you need prenatal care?

It helps monitor your pregnancy journey and offers the necessary care at every step. Prenatal care lowers your risk of complications during pregnancy and delivery. People who get prenatal care can’t compare with people who do not.

Prenatal care offers a comprehensive evaluation of your pregnancy and allows for early treatments if you have any complications.

What does prenatal care involve?

Prenatal care involves going for pregnancy check-ups every month or as directed by your provider. Your prenatal care provider uses ultrasounds, measurements, and blood and urine testing to analyze your pregnancy progress.

Prenatal care also involves evaluating your health for any developing issue, like gestational diabetes.

You may expect the following from prenatal care.

·         Screening tests for the mother and the baby

·         Regular health check-ups, including blood pressure, weight, and heart rate

·         Provides nutritional support

·         support for pregnancy problems and complications

·         treatment for common pregnancy issues

·         labor and delivery support and counseling

Prenatal care also gives you a chance to ask your provider any questions you may have about your pregnancy. Your provider may also suggest medications, supplements, and lifestyle modifications such as exercise that promote your pregnancy health and safety.

How often should you have your prenatal visits?

It’s advisable to have your prenatal appointments as follows.

·         Every month for the first 28 weeks

·         Every two weeks during 28-36 weeks

·         Every week from week 36 to delivery

You may need regular prenatal care if you have a high-risk pregnancy, such as underlying maternal conditions, aged 35 or older, or when the baby has problems.

What to expect during your prenatal care visit?

Your prenatal care depends on your specific health issues. It includes matters affecting you and your baby and your pregnancy period.

Your provider carries out a comprehensive physical exam during the first prenatal consultation. They check your medical and family history and give an estimate of your due date. Your provider also performs a pelvic exam and a Pap smear and tests your blood and urine.

Your doctor also records your initial blood pressure, weight, and heart rate.

After your first appointment, the subsequent prenatal visits include checking your vitals, recording the baby’s heartbeat, and monitoring the baby’s development using ultrasounds.

Pregnancy does not have to interfere with your daily living. Prenatal care provides the support and care you need for a healthy pregnancy experience. You must check-in with your provider when you notice you are pregnant for screening and guidance. Contact Memorial Women’s Specialists today to schedule your appointment.