What Can Cause Pain On The Top Of Your Foot

The foot is the complex system of little bones, the set of muscles, tendons and 33 joints, from which 20 of them are movable. So the pain on the top of the foot can affect any of these structures. This pain can affect the foot’s movement and stability.

The pain on the top of the foot may seem unusual, but injury took place here and it’s is mostly bone fracture or bruise. Most conditions require rest and cold compress, but in some cases, surgery is necessary. For that, a podiatrist is in charge and podiatrist in Sydney NSW like ModPod Podiatry can give you more information about surgical procedures.

Foot injuries are examined by podiatrist

You can injure your foot by accidentally dropping something on it, or stepping incorrectly, by jumping and landing incorrectly and that way straining tendons or fracturing the bones. Some of the long periods of high-impact activity can also make an injury to the foot.


For foot, the most common is extensor tendinitis. These tendons are located on the upper part of the foot and are needed to pull the foot upward. They can become torn or inflamed if shoes don’t have proper support or due to overuse. This cause great pain on the top of the foot.

Extensor tendinitis can get worse if you are active and the swelling of the foot can appear. It is treated with rest, anti-inflammatory drugs, steroid injections and physical therapy.

Fracture of the little bones

Fractures are common on the fifth metatarsal bone. This bone connects little toe to the middle of the foot. Few different fractures can occur in the middle of the foot.

  • Jones fracture breaks the bone close to the outside and middle area of the foot. It can be a small fracture caused by the constant strain of the foot, or it can be bigger due to fall for example.
  • Alvusion fracture happens when the piece of fifth metatarsal bone is out of place due to tendon pulling.
  • MIdshaft fracture occurs near the middle of the fifth metatarsal bone, usually due to accident or twisting of the foot.

Podiatrist will provide the right therapy

Ganglion cyst

This cyst is appearing below the skin and it’s mostly filled with fluid. The cause is not always known, but it can appear after the injury. It can cause pain, tingling or burning sensations and if you notice something like this, visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Maybe you will need special footwear to avoid rubbing of the cyst, sometimes it is necessary to remove the fluid with a needle and severe painful cysts are removed with surgery. These and other treatments for the foot you can check at https://www.modpodpodiatry.com.au/sydney-city/

Final Word

Foot injuries are not so common as the injuries of the other body parts, but they are also important because one problem with the small bone can disable you to walk. So visit your podiatrist and take care of your foot on time.