The Top 7 Benefits of Dental Implants

Smiles go a long way in forming friendships and thawing even the coldest hearts. So, when you miss a tooth or two, it’s an emergency like any other. There are multiple ways of replacing missing teeth, but none come close to Westfield Implants. The implants resemble natural teeth and have top-line functionality while restoring your cute smile. Dental implants come in all sizes, materials, and finishing, but all confer the same benefits. Let’s take a look at the top seven benefits of dental implants.

What are Dental Implants?

First, let’s clear what implants are. Dental Implants are tooth prosthetics that replace a few missing teeth in your mouth. The implants attach to a titanium anchor embedded in your jaw for extra solidity. The top finish of the implant can be an enamel-like finish, zirconia, plastic, or custom decorated to suit your aesthetic needs. Implants are like dentures only in that they are more durable, have more functionality, and are more natural-looking.

Benefits of Dental Implants

1. Boosts Your Confidence

A healthy smile has a direct impact on your self-esteem. How you look determines how you feel about yourself. Dental implants replace missing teeth for the perfect smile to boost your confidence. Implants resemble natural teeth, so you will not worry about anyone detecting them.

2. Continuous Jaw Bone Stimulation

The negative effects of missing teeth are more than cosmetic-based. Teeth usually stimulate the jawbone, preventing jawbone erosion, which weakens teeth. So, when you have a missing tooth or two, you may have an entire arch missing sooner than later.

Implants fix directly into the jawbone to continuously provide stimulation. Many dentists prefer implants over dentures since they prevent jawbone erosion.

3. Restore Biting Force

Since dental implants fix directly into the jawbone, the anchor acts as the natural tooth root. Therefore, you can chew and bite food like you normally would. Other teeth replacement solutions don’t restore as much bite force as implants.

4. Durable

Dental implant longevity is one of the positives of the teeth replacement solution. The materials that make dental implants are designed to last you a lifetime. When you visit a reputable dental center like Dental Studios, you only pay once and get a lifetime of amazing supplies without ever paying extra.

5. Easy to Maintain

Implants do not require a special solution or cleaning routine. To guarantee durability, brush your implants like you normally would your teeth. Depending on how regularly you floss your natural teeth, you may need to floss them occasionally.

6. Supports Adjacent Teeth

The implants fix onto the roots of neighboring adjacent teeth. The dentist will not shift the neighboring teeth during the installation process to create space. Rather, they will fix them at the base to snuggly fit and support even weaker adjacent teeth.

7. Improved Comfort

Do you know why your granny removes the partial dentures when she doesn’t need them? Discomfort. Dental implants overcome discomfort since they permanently become part of your dental structure. You will not worry about embarrassing slippage, mispronouncing words, and gum pain when you have implants.

Dental implants stand out as the go-to tooth replacement option because of their numerous benefits. Consider dental implants at Dental Studios in New Jersey if you require tooth replacement. Contact the center to set up your consultation or book online.