The Most Important Questions to Ask a Specialist

What would you do if you had an unwanted pregnancy? Like most people, when this question is asked, there are many answers that ring through your mind. Regardless of this worry, the reality is most people are still battling with unwanted pregnancy. This can cause financial distress and depression. However, through birth control Lake Mary, you can reduce the occurrence of unplanned pregnancy. Before choosing the best birth control, you should ask a specialist these critical questions.

What is birth control?

It is the process of preventing the individual’s pregnancy before pregnancy begins by stopping the sperm from joining the egg, a process known as fertilization.

How do I know the best birth control for me?

Currently, no birth control is effective for everyone. For instance, if you have a medical history of blood clots, birth control pills that have estrogen and progesterone may not be an option for you. Besides, you should consider your lifestyle, habits, and preferences to choose the best method.

How soon will it take birth control to be effective?

The time it will take for the method to be effective will depend on the method you use. For instance, the hormonal IUDs may take up to 7 days, while the copper IUD becomes effective immediately after insertion. Therefore, you should visit a specialist to help you choose the best method based on your needs.

Which medications could reduce the effectiveness of birth control?

Contrary to public perception, no contraception is 100% effective. Besides, certain supplements you can take could reduce how certain birth control reduces instances of pregnancy. For instance, some antibiotics such as rifampicin and rifabutin that are mainly used to treat TB and meningitis could reduce the effectiveness of some birth controls. Therefore, you should seek advice on medications that could affect your birth control to avoid it.

How soon can I get pregnant after quitting birth control?

Previously, there was a myth that birth control can affect your ability to get pregnant. This myth scared most people away since most individuals want to use this method in family planning. The truth is that birth control does not affect future pregnancy. Research has shown that 83% of women get pregnant within a year after stopping birth control.

What additional benefits could you experience in addition to pregnancy prevention?

Even though the main goal is pregnancy prevention, other benefits are associated with birth control. The following are the benefits that you could experience:

·         Menstrual cycles regulation

·         Reducing the pain of periods

·         Reducing uterine cancer

·         Help managing endometriosis

·         Reducing the risk of ovarian cysts

Having several birth control methods available is great and can also present the problem of not knowing which is the best method to use. Are you a woman who wants to control unwanted pregnancies but is confused about the best birth control to take? Worry no more because Dr. Christopher K Quinsey, MD is here to serve you. He will take and analyze your medical history and your goals in order to choose the right method for you. Book your appointment today and start taking control of your sexual life.

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