Sample Homemade Pet Food Recipe

Increasingly more dog proprietors are earning the meals for his or her dogs at home. Health wise it is way better for that dog but it’s also far better for the wallet. Not only to price of food but additionally in journeys towards the vet. The truth is it is not as difficult to prepare while you think. I began making homemade pet food in my dogs more than a year ago and within 3 several weeks I saw improvement in not only their own health but coat. Here is a quite simple homemade pet food recipe to exhibit how easy it may be. Plus this recipe is a great beginning point and could be customized into lots of different meals.

This recipe is made for a 25 pound, neutered, adult dog.

8 ounces chicken leg meat (cooked)

½ ounces chicken liver (cooked)

1 large egg (hard-steamed)

4 ounces yams (steamed)

2 ounces plain low-fat yogurt

1,000 mg omega-3 fatty acids

700 mg calcium (3/8 teaspoon ground eggshell, or other type of plain calcium)

This recipe provides 700 kcal, 72.3 grams protein (15.8% as given, 54.8% dry matter), 32.6 grams fat (7.1% as given, 24.7% dry matter), 24.5 grams carbohydrates (5.4% as given, 18.6% dry matter).

This recipe is made for the typical 25-pound adult dog young puppies have particular needs not addressed here. Nutritional intake, proportions, and ingredients should be adjusted for the dog’s weight, health problem, and level of activity. The amounts could be elevated proportionately for bigger dogs, and decreased for smaller sized dogs, but bear in mind that giant dogs require less food for his or her bodyweight than small dogs. (A 50-pound dog requires under two times the quantity required for a 25-pound dog use a bit more than half the amounts for any 12-pound dog.) Observe your canine’s weight and adjust the total amount you feed when needed to help keep him slim and trim.

This recipe isn’t complete and balanced. It’s good for periodic use, but like the majority of homemade pet food diets, it takes supplementation and variety to completely meet a dog’s dietary needs. For adult dogs, this recipe is brief on some vitamins (B1, B12, choline, and vitamins D, E, and K) and minerals (copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc). A multivitamin and mineral supplement might help make sure that your dog’s dietary needs are met, climax not an alternative to feeding a well-balanced diet with many different variety.