Reasons you need to Visit a Gynecologist

Many women view making an appointment with a gynecologist as intimidating, and some avoid seeing one altogether. It can be challenging getting over the fear, anxieties and misconceptions associated with a gynecologist. However, women need to realize that maintaining good feminine health involves making some bold decisions like seeking the help of a gynecological specialist or a family physician with expertise in womens’ health concerns. He or she can treat and diagnose some problems that not all general practitioner may have the expertise to recognize. Visiting a good womens’ health doctor is vital for all women. The following are some reasons why you need to see one and put your mind at ease;

General Gynecological Health

Every woman should have yearly appointments on their calendar. Once in their teens, young women can get a baseline of their gynecological health. Getting annual checkups allows changes or issues of concern to be recognized much earlier. In case something is wrong, early detection plays a crucial role in successful treatment. 

Issues with the menstrual cycle

In case of an irregular period, severe menstrual cramps, an extra heavy period or an unusual one that lasts for more than a week, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek the help of a gynecologist. All these could be signs of a more significant health problem and seeing a specialist for an exam can improve your chances of dealing with the issue at hand. Always consult someone if you notice anything unusual with your menstrual cycle.

For a pelvic exam

According to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, women aged 21 years and above should get a pelvic exam annually. The college recommends women to receive a pelvic exam, especially if they encounter menstrual disorders, infertility, vaginal discharge or pelvic pain. Likewise, perimenopausal patients experiencing changes in bowel or bladder function, abnormal uterine bleeding or vaginal discomfort symptoms should get a pelvic exam right away. In as much as that pelvic exam is not every woman’s favourite appointment, it’s one that is essential to a woman’s overall health. 

Experiencing pain during intercourse

If you ever experience painful sex, then something could be amiss. The source of the pain could be physical or potentially psychological in nature. Either way visiting a gynecologist should be the starting point to get answers. Sex is an intimate act that should be enjoyed by both parties and shouldn’t cause physical discomfort.

Issues with urinating

In case you experience a burning sensation when urinating or need to urinate frequently, then something is not right. Likewise, if you see some blood in your urine, then you must see a gynecologist or womens’ health practitioner. Sometimes blood doesn’t always mean there’s a medical concern, but it’s good to be sure.

There are lots of reasons why you should see a gynecologist and the above are just a few examples. Every woman needs to know that their health and lifestyle can be enhanced by having regular visits. Make sure you find a doctor that you’re comfortable so you can develop an excellent relationship with them and have regular visits.