Michael Hilton, MD – Keeping Patients Away from Immediate Danger

Emergency medicine is the medical specialty that cares for people with a sudden illness or injury. This can include conducting medical exams, determining injuries and health insurance coverage, as well as providing treatment. It requires the knowledge and skills to manage acute illness and injury in the pre-hospital and hospital settings. It is a specialized area of medicine that deals with life-threatening conditions requiring immediate medical attention. These specialists like Michael Hilton, MD are trained to provide care for a variety of conditions in all age groups but specialize in the treatment of adult trauma patients.

Emergency Medicine also offers podcasts and resources for physicians, nurses and other clinicians on key topics and developments in emergency care. EM is a 4-week course designed to help you gain a solid foundation in emergency medicine, whether you’re just getting started or preparing for board exams. This course will give you a broad overview of the entire department and skills needed to succeed as a resident or attending physician in this field.

You will learn the pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of acute illnesses, both common and uncommon. The third section of this course covers life threatening emergencies and is designed to prepare you for care in the emergency department. There are personal simulations embedded throughout each section that allow you to practice your skills with confidence.

The Importance of an Emergency Medicine Physician

Emergency medicine is a health care specialty like Dr Michael Hilton that deals with the care of urgent, unexpected and often life-threatening medical conditions. It aims to provide a rapid and efficient response to all patients requiring immediate, effective treatment. EM (also known as accident and emergency medicine; emergency room medicine; and ER medicine) is a medical specialty that deals with the care of out-of-hospital and non-emergency patients who present to the emergency department.

If you or a family member is experiencing a medical emergency, EM physicians can help you quickly and accurately find the nearest hospital and get you there as quickly as possible. As an EM physician, you’ll have the opportunity to provide compassionate care to patients of all ages and backgrounds. You will work closely with colleagues from many healthcare disciplines including paramedics and nurses, while caring for patients in an environment where your decisions will mean life or death.

Are you an experienced physician who wants to spend time in an emergency department? The ED or Emergency Department is where you’ll find the highest acuity patients, while delivering the same level of care as any other part of your hospital. A thoracic surgeon’s inpatient experience coupled with their experience in internal medicine academics provides a unique and diverse set of skills that can be used to diagnose acute and critical conditions and formulate plans for their care.

Being an EM physician is probably one of the most challenging professions. One must act fast and with precision and of course knowledge as the life of your patient is in your hands. Mental and physical skills are important in this field of medicine.