Major Causes of Rotator Cuff Injury

Most times, a person encounters aches and pain in the joints. Your shoulder joint is a complex joint in the body because it has bones that connect to the joints, muscles, ligaments, blood vessels, and nerves. When you find that lifting your hand is becoming more and more painful by the day, you will need to see a doctor. One of the possible causes of your pain in the shoulder is rotator cuff injury. A Fair Lawn rotator cuff repair done at the Alliance Spine Associates by a team of experts’ uses innovative treatments. Here you will learn more about the possible causes of your rotator cuff injury.

·         Injury

The rotator cuff condition can result after an injury. If you fall and hit your arm when outstretched, the tendons tear either partially or fully. You can easily injure your shoulder if you play dangerous games involving a lot of commotion. Also, you can find yourself in an accident that snaps your shoulder, and the tendons tear. After the physical examination, the doctor will confirm that you suffer from a rotator cuff.

·         Occupation

Your occupation can cause you to suffer from rotator cuff injury. For instance, the tendons become strained and tear if you have to overstretch your arm during work. Also, if you get used to lifting heavy objects without the necessary support, you risk having torn tendons.

Ordinary Wear and Tear

As you age, your chances of suffering from rotator cuff are because of tendon degeneration. For instance, you can become accustomed to using one arm, and over time you start experiencing pain because of the deterioration of the tendons.

·         Ignoring Pain and Discomfort

If you start experiencing pain in your shoulder and do not seek immediate care or take some time off to facilitate healing, the problem can persist and become a rotator cuff injury. The pain can be an onset of a tendon tear in your shoulder, and as you continue to use it, the incision continues, and you will not manage to use the affected arm.

Importance of Understanding The Cause of Rotator cuff Injury

Understanding the causes of the condition becomes important in helping you protect the health of your shoulder. The knowledge will also allow you to make an occupational adjustment that stresses your shoulder tendons. For instance, you can start using machines more to lift even if you feel strong enough. Additionally, understanding the cause allows you to take more precautions. For instance, you will always wear your shoulder guards if you play a rough game. Also, understanding that a certain activity can cause you shoulder injury will allow you to seek immediate help if you start feeling pain and discomfort around your shoulder. Besides, the information will help you understand the activity restriction during recovery.

The rotator cuff injury, if not treated on time, can cause loss of functionality in the arm. At the Alliance Spine Associates, LLC in New Jersey, you will get quality diagnostic and treatment services for rotator cuff injury. And what is interesting about the treatment is that they use the latest technology. Book your appointment today, and you will not regret it.