How Is Dog Therapy Helping People To Overcome Mental Issues?

Dogs are a man’s best friend. This line is an age-old classic that is extremely true in real life as well. Dogs are known for their loyal and protective attitudes towards their master. These creatures are not only preferred for their adorable face but offer medicinal advantages as well. According to Sheffield therapy and counselling Department, dogs can be used to cure mental illness.

How Dog Therapy Is Helping People To Overcome Mental Illness:

  • Dogs are said to be helpful to prevent the acute feeling of loneliness within an individual.
  • Psychiatrists are recommending therapy dogs to deal with social anxiety among people who are suffering from mental anxiety and face problems with face to face communication.
  • Even talking to pets especially dogs seems relaxing as they will love their owners no matter what.
  • Dogs tend to care for their owner irrespective of their looks, social status or physical and mental capabilities. Dogs are the least judgemental creatures that exist.
  • According to Sheffield Therapy Services, dogs are believed to cure Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They provide emotional stability to people who are stressed and is going through some trauma. An individual can play with them, look at them and also let them sit only your lap we well. Various Universities are also using therapy dogs to help students overcome academic stress.
  • Most importantly they empathize with humans. They have an acute string sense and can feel when something is wrong with their owners. They whine and look straight into their owner’s eyes that calms the person down.
  • Dogs have helped children with autism. They have helped these kids to overcome alienation and becomes a good company for these children.
  • Their mere presence makes us forget our worries and stress. If you pet a dog, hormones like oxytocin and serotonin are released. These hormones are believed to elevate the mood and acts as a stress buster.
  • Dogs are happy distractions for people who are having a hard time to acquire mental peace and stability.

When You Adopt a Dog it helps Them As Well:

It is good to adopt a dog who is in need of a happy home. These dogs can help you and also look toward a safe place for themselves. A little furry friend is always a good company and they are also therapeutic and calming and mood-boosting as well.