How Do You Ensure Healthy Feet

The feet are the parts of our bodies that help us stand upright and walk. People tend to ignore the feet until an issue that causes them pain arises. A podiatrist Scottsdale advises people on how to take care of their feet in addition to treating emergent conditions. One of the conditions that cost you sleep and functionality is warts. Those harmless thickening of the skin on your feet can start bleeding and paining such that you cannot use the feet. In this article, you will learn how you ought to take care of your feet.

What Causes Warts

Understanding the cause of warts will help you understand how to protect your feet effectively. A strain of a virus known as human papillomavirus causes warts. Therefore if you have cracked skin on your foot and step on a place where someone with warts had previously stepped, your chances of contacting them become high. If you have a poor immune system, you should remain more vigilant.

How to Take Care of Your Feet

1.  Use Your Own Personal Effects

If you have traveled and will likely spend a night or two away from home and you do not have personal effects such as towels and socks, you should buy some. Avoid sharing towels and socks with others because they can quickly spread warts. Also, if you have an urge to cut your nails in the office, you should avoid borrowing a clipper from your colleague because it can harbor viruses.

2.  Observe Body Hygiene

As you take care of your oral and bodily hygiene, you should not ignore your feet. Some people do not wash their feet regularly because they wear shoes that are not dirty. Others fail to change their socks and shoes for several days. Dirt can affect the health of your feet, causing you to have flaky skin on your feet. When the skin breaks, you become susceptible to warts.

3.      Cover Your Feet In Public Spaces

Avoid getting carried away by the fun at the pool, and forget to take care of your feet. You should wear your flip-flops outside the pool and in the changing room. Public spaces are an ideal breeding ground for the virus; you can quickly get warts from stepping on the floor. Therefore, carry your flip flops and wear them in public spaces such as showers, swimming pools, and changing rooms.

4.      Dry Your Feet

After you shower or step out of the pool, you should dry your feet with a clean and personal towel. Failing to dry your feet creates a conducive condition for the virus to thrive, and you get warts.

Treating Warts

You can quickly get warts, and treating them on time allows you to protect those around you from contracting the same warts. A podiatrist treats warts through cryotherapy, which kills warts. For extreme cases, you will undergo surgical removal.

Warts, although painless at the initial stage, can become a menace. Therefore, if you have warts, you should not wait until they breed or become painful. Book your appointment at the Phoenician Foot and Ankle Specialist and get treated.