Five prominent reasons to grow cannabis from seeds

The legalization of cannabis has provoked many people to grow their own supply of weed. In order to get started with the process of cannabis cultivation, people have two paths to choose from. One is to grow the plant from a clone, and the other is using seeds.

Regardless of what path you choose, you certainly will end up producing similar results that are cannabinoid-rich buds. 

However, by opting for seeds instead of a clone, you can certainly enjoy a set of benefits that plants produced through clones do not offer. 

So, let’s dive into this blog and take a look at five prominent reasons for growing cannabis from seeds. 

1- Get a chance to experience the pure way of cultivation: Starting from seeds is always considered as the pure way of cultivating weed. In fact, seeds are the most preferred choice of many home growers. This is because cannabis seeds do offer a deep sense of satisfaction when the time of harvesting nears. You will have a sense of pride at the end of the process. 

2- Easy to access: With the introduction of the internet and online buying, it has become easy for consumers to buy anything from the comfort of their homes. 

Nowadays, you can easily come across many reliable cannabis dispensaries that sell autoflower seeds, Bubblegum Feminized seeds online

The seed package will be discreetly shipped to you directly to your mailbox. Plus, you have the benefit of scanning through their endless inventory to buy suitable products at economical rates. 

3- Start from scratch: Not only do seeds give you satisfying results, but they enable you to get started with a fresh batch of genetics. This is certainly not possible with clones. 

The small package of seeds houses top-quality DNA that hasn’t been exposed to a host of diseases or a poor growing environment. Again, this can’t be said in terms of clones. 

4- Breed your own strain: Seeds are best for those just getting started as cannabis growers. But, once you get a hold of the process and different strains, you can unlock the breeding feature. 

You can breed your favorite female with the best male to produce hundreds of your own seeds. 

In simple terms, seeds give you the opportunity of creating your own unique strain that has the best traits for a pleasant smoking experience. 

5- Feminized seeds mean dank flowers: At dispensaries, you can come across feminized seeds too. These seeds guarantee 99% female production. 

And we all know that only female buds can produce the sticky and cannabinoid-rich bud that almost everyone is looking for. 

Bottom line

Even though the choice between clone and seeds boils down to the cultivator’s personal preference, but as a beginner, you may have better luck with cannabis seeds than a clone. Plus, you get to witness the whole process from start to finish, thus boosting your confidence for future experiments, breeding, etc. 

We hope our blog was able to give you clear insights.