Few Things to Remember About Aesthetic Dental Fillings

The bacteria in your mouth consume the sugar from drinks and foods to produce energy, and acid is a byproduct. The resulting highly acidic environment further promotes harmful bacteria infestation. Since bacteria mix with food debris, there is the formation of a biofilm that sticks to the teeth and gums. The exposure of your enamel to acid degrades it gradually, and after some time, the accumulation of plaque and tartar causes oral diseases. You may require aesthetic dental fillings New York to deal with cavities, which can affect the look of your smile. Without treating a cavity, an infection or an illness can spread into the dental pulp, the tooth’s innermost layer that contains nerves and blood vessels.

Dental fillings are a method in aesthetic dentistry that enables the restoration of damaged gums and tissues. As a result, your teeth become stronger and resistant to further damage.

When to use dental fillings

You may be a good candidate for dental fillings when you have undesirable gaps between your teeth or the teeth are shorter, damaged, misaligned, or have exposed dentin. Dentin, also called dentine, is the yellowish tissue constituting the bulk of your teeth. The degradation of dentin may leave you with sensitive and painful teeth.

You can also benefit from dental fillings when you desire brighter teeth while safeguarding the tissue adjacent to your teeth from damage.

Options for dental fillings

Your doctor will decide if the conventional silver or amalgam fillings can solve your dental condition aesthetically. The grey metallic fillings have been in use for decades by dentists.

However, there may be better options than amalgam fillings since they require your dentist to remove a sizeable chunk of healthy tissue from your tooth. That is necessary to create a large, regular shape for holding silver fillings in position. Your dentist will want to avoid unnecessarily and permanently harming the healthy tissue of your tooth.

Moreover, various studies and leading experts in dental health discourage using amalgam fillings because of the existing evidence that they have harmful traces of mercury.

The mercury that gradually comes from the grey metallic fillings undergoing wear and tear can attack the tissue of your tooth and gum and even reach your brain, reproductive organs, and kidneys, which may lead to various illnesses.

You may prefer to use composite aesthetic dental fillings. The fillings can come from ceramic, plastic, or resin compounds. White fillings are great for fixing a broken or chipped tooth because they form a chemical bond with the tooth. Thus, they do not require your orthodontist to interfere with your tooth structure significantly.

Composites also do not expose you to traces of harmful metals like mercury while providing you with a natural teeth appearance.

The lifespan of aesthetic dental fillings

Dental fillings can work effectively in your mouth for up to 10 years and more. But, to benefit from a long-lasting aesthetic oral restoration, you must regularly take care of your dental health. For instance, avoid consuming hard foods and acidic drinks, brush daily, and have regular dental checkups.

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