Everything You Should Know About Fraxel Lasers Treatment

Your skin represents your beauty, and you should wear it with confidence. The skin also says a lot about your health. So, improving your skin appearance and health goes hand in hand. Different concerns may affect your skin appearance, including aging signs and skin health issues. Luckily several advanced cosmetic treatments can help improve your skin appearance. The Fraxel New York specialists offer top-quality and safe skincare and cosmetic procedures to promote your skin appearance. Please keep reading to find out how Fraxel works and its benefits.

What is the Fraxel Laser?

It’s a minimally invasive procedure that enhances skin resurfacing, promotes your skin texture and tone, and reduces scarring and sun damage. The Fraxel technique involves using microscopic laser columns deep into your skin surface to activate new collagen production.

The Fraxel system targets a specific treatment area at a time without harming the surrounding tissues. It enhances quick recovery.

The Fraxel Dual laser system enhances skin resurfacing to improve your appearance. The treatment promotes the development of younger and refreshing skin as more collagen forms, allowing new healthy cells to grow.

Which skin problems does Fraxel Laser address?

The following are the benefits of Fraxel Laser on your skin.

·         Improves the appearance of sun-damaged skin

·         Eliminates scarring from acne or surgical problems

·         Minimizes wrinkles and fine lines visibility, including brow lines and crow’s feet

·         Provides treatment for actinic keratosis

·         Eliminates the visibility of age spots and parts of darker pigmentation

·         It enhances skin tightening and smoothing to promote your texture and tone

Usually, a single Fraxel laser treatment might not give you your desired results. Like most people, you may need about 3-5 sessions 2-4 weeks apart for visible results. Each treatment session takes about 25 minutes.

You may encounter some discomfort in the first week after treatment. However, with a few precautions, you are free to resume your daily routine the following day.

Your provider at Manhattan Dermatology ensures to recommend the most effective technique that will best address your specific skin concerns.

Why should you go for Fraxel Laser treatments?

The Fraxel Dual laser system provides you with several benefits, which include.

·         Enhances a youthful-looking and healthier skin without surgery

·         Has no downtime

·         It has a combined cooling system that promotes your comfort during the procedure.

·         It enhances exceptional natural-looking results

·         Gives long-lasting results

·         Its FDA-cleared, hence enhancing safety

·         You can use the Fraxel laser to promote your skin appearance on the neck and hands.

Everyone wants to try cosmetic procedures and not have overly done expressions on their faces. The Fraxel produces results that make you feel and look natural.

You need to maintain your skin health, including protecting your face from sun exposure to prolong the appearance of your results.

The Fraxel treatment helps improve your skin appearance by eliminating wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and sun damage. It stimulates collagen production, enhancing the creation of firmer, smoother, and tight skin. Fraxel laser produces natural and long-lasting results; however, you need to stay away from sun exposure and apply sunscreen daily. Contact Manhattan Dermatology today to learn more about the Fraxel treatment.