Buying The Right CBD Product: Oil or Capsules?

Two of the most common ways of consuming CBD are by using CBD oil or CBD capsules. Both products have their own set of pros and cons while being equally useful. These are great for first-time users of CBD especially those getting confused with all the different products that have CBD nowadays like CBD spray UK. Let’s compare the two products to see which will be better for your lifestyle.


CBD oil has an immediate effect overall. It is usually consumed sublingually meaning you will put it under your tongue. It will then be absorbed by the mucus membrane allowing for faster access to your bloodstream. It can easily be added to drinks and food too. This has become a common practice because of how seamless it can be. Lastly, it is easier to consume for some people that think capsules are tough to swallow.

CBD Capsules

This product is convenient for traveling especially for people who are always on the go. You just need to take it with any beverage or water and you’ve already taken your daily dose of CBD. It is also discrete for use. CBD capsules are subtler than oil because you will not need to mess around with tinctures. Another advantage is that it has no aftertaste or flavor. CBD oil usually has an aftertaste that most people don’t like which is why they use capsules.

To learn more about CBD capsules and oil, here’s an infographic by Love CBD.