Am I An Ideal Candidate For Septoplasty? What You Should Know About Septoplasty

Do you have a deviated septum that makes it difficult for you to breathe or sleep comfortably? Worry not, for a septoplasty Newport Beach procedure is your ultimate solution. It is one of the most commonly performed ear, nose, and throat procedures globally for aesthetic and health reasons. In most cases, the procedure is used to straighten a crooked septum – the space between two nostrils. However, many patients who suffer from a deviated septum don’t comprehend if there is a better solution that can fix their problem. Dr. Alexis Furze compiles what there is to know about septoplasty and if you might need one. Let’s dive in:

What is septoplasty?

It is a surgical procedure done to help correct any nasal septum problems. Septoplasty procedures are typically performed independently from a rhinoplasty. Your surgeon usually realigns the septum into the midline using small incisions hidden within the nostrils. Mostly, the procedure begins with separating the septum from the mucosa lining surrounding it until it is repositioned and the lining is replaced.

Common reasons that prove if you are an ideal candidate for a septoplasty

The main reason for having a septoplasty is to correct any breathing problems. Typically, you might be experiencing breathing issues and taking it as a respiratory problem. Many patients with sleep apnea have deviated septum, making it difficult to breathe while sleeping.

However, it is not necessary to have a septoplasty if you have a slightly deviated septum. In such a case, patients have little to no issues while breathing. Again, seeking medical help is always vital as your septum can bend as you grow and might cause threatening problems.

Why should you consider septoplasty?

Unlike other nasal septum procedures, there are numerous benefits associated with a septoplasty, including:

1. Improved breathing

Once the procedure is conducted effectively, any breathing issues are immediately solved. As a considerable part, the process entails clearing the nasal passages so you can subsequently enjoy uninterrupted breathing patterns.

2. Improved sense of smell and taste

When you can’t effectively inhale with your nose, your senses of smell and taste are directly affected. Once your nasal passages are aligned, your senses are awakened, and you can enjoy a new world again.

3. Better comfortable sleep

If your nasal airways are impeded, you will likely suffer from sleep apnea. A septoplasty will be instrumental in eradicating all these conditions after straightening your nasal septum, whether it’s sleep apnea, snoring, or other conditions.

4. Fewer Sinus Infections

 When structural deformities block your nasal airways, it becomes challenging for the nose to maintain its hygiene naturally. As a result, these increase your chances of having sinus infections. Furthermore, when your surgeon carefully opens the impeded airway, drainage improves, reducing these infections.

If you have any breathing difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Alexis Furze, MD, to diagnose and help determine if septoplasty is right for you. First, he will evaluate your situation and determine if septoplasty is the best course of action. Additionally, Dr. Furze makes an informed decision about the surgery and issues follow-ups at every step. To enjoy the full benefits of septoplasty, schedule your consultation with Alexis Furze, MD, today!