Advantages of a Thread Lift in Treating Sagging Skin

As you age, the tissues of your skin lose their natural elasticity. As a result, your facial skin will sag and have wrinkles, apart from other signs of aging. Often the primary treatment solution for your facial problems is a facelift, a cosmetic surgical procedure. But, increasingly, facelift surgery faces competition from a new minimally invasive treatment called a thread lift. A Bowling Green PDO Thread Lifts Specialist can recommend the remedy if you are between 30 to 50 years old. You can benefit the most from the thread lift procedure at that stage as you are in good health and do not have openly noticeable signs of aging. Also, you may find the treatment better than facelift surgery when you have a chronic illness, making it dangerous for you to have general anesthesia.

A thread lift involves momentarily threading to lift parts of your skin. The moderate skin retreat that occurs causes your face to lift and tighten. Thread facelifts encourage your body to promote faster healing by increasing collagen and elastin production. As you age, your body minimizes its creation of skin-tightening hormones.

Consequently, below are the advantages of a thread facelift.

Minimal recovery time

When you undergo a thread facelift, you will require less recovery time, unlike facelift surgery. Surgery requires heavy anesthetizing, which demands someone to drive you from the health center to your home.

Also, after surgery, you will need to stay in the hospital for at least a few days to monitor your recovery closely and quickly solve any developing complications. Additionally, after a surgical procedure correcting your facial issue, you will also require about a few weeks to recover before returning to work.

Because a thread facelift is minimally invasive, your face may experience minimal inflammation, redness, and soreness. You will not have to deal with the complications and effects of a facelift surgical procedure, including the creation of scars, severe injuries, and infections.

Since you do not need potent medication for pain before the procedure, you can drive yourself back home and continue with your regular activities after a day of rest.

However, expect to follow a few precautions after a thread facelift. To recover and heal faster, you should not excessively rub your face, like when applying a cleanser or moisturizer, for about seven days after treatment.

Less costly

A thread facelift is relatively cheaper than facelift surgery because the procedure is easier to carry out.

Even with the benefits of thread lifts, you should temper your expectations. A thread facelift will only elevate your facial skin by a couple of millimeters, delivering a result that appears natural, unlike surgery.

Hence, go for the procedure if your level of skin sagging is not severe and you are within the recommended age range. Furthermore, if you have a chronic health issue, like hypertension, talk with your doctor first to understand if the treatment is best for you.

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